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85% of Brits have upgraded at least one room in their house into a multifunctional space

ByDave Stopher

Jul 6, 2021 #home, #life

AS HOME remains a place where the majority of Brits are spending most of their money, with expensive holiday plans  still on hold, a new study reveals that a large number have turned their hand to renovation with many Brits upgrading their home spaces.

A survey of 1,007 UK adults carried out by lighting supplier Ultra LEDs, found 85% of Brits have upgraded at least one room of their home into a multifunctional space since the start of the pandemic.

In fact, over half (56%) confess to creating specific zones in their home for certain activities.

When asked what zones they have created in their houses, a chill out area (65%), workout / gym space (59%) and home offices (50%) topped the list.

Nearly half have created a make-shift restaurant space (42%) while more than 1 in 3 (35%) have created a nightclub / disco area in their home.

The research further revealed that the average Brit has spent £296 upgrading their home into a multifunctional space and are spending an average of 36 hours a week in this repurposed space.

In addition, to help create the correct type of mood for their desired space, 46% of Brits have invested in new lighting or have adapted existing lighting to help recreate their zones at home.

For 16-24 years olds, the most popular zone they have created is a ‘club zone’, due to bars and nightclubs remaining shut throughout the national lockdown.

Glow sticks (39%) were found to be the most popular lighting choice amongst this age group, followed by disco balls (31%) and neon strip lighting (24%).

For those trying to create a chill out area, candles (34%) and dim lights (26%) were the most popular lighting choices.

More than 1 in 3 (36%) of those who created an office space said that a desk lamp (56%) was their top investment to create a more optimum working space.

Paul Garner, Head of ECommerce at Ultra LEDs commented: “It’s unsurprising that so many people have had to adapt to lockdown restrictions and turn their homes into multifunctional spaces, with many people continuing to work remotely and the hospitality sector remaining closed.

“Although it may feel a little tiresome being in the same surroundings all day, making simple adjustments to the space will help to lift your mood and will make it feel different for everyday use. Lighting is a great way to do this as it can help set the mood for the type of activity you’re doing – I suggest brighter lighting for study sessions but darker, dimmer lighting if you’re trying to recreate a night out for dinner – these are quick and simple ways to alter the space but will really make a difference.”

Top 5 zones Brits have created in their home:

  1. Chill out area (65%)

  2. Workout / gym zone (59%)

  3. Office zone (50%)

  4. Restaurant zone (42%)

  5. Nightclub / disco zone (35%)