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9 Best Engagement Gifts

Whether it’s for an engagement party or out of the kindness of your heart, it’s never easy buying an engagement present. 

But don’t worry, there is some good news.

The best thing to buy for either your or someone’s engagement is something from the heart. The most important thing is to make it feel unique to them.

If you are looking for something personalized, we have you covered too. No matter your budget or the couple you’re buying for, we have come up with a great range of ideas that you cannot go wrong with.

Here are x best engagement gifts.

1. Adventure Together Map Mountain

Let’s start with something really cool. This map mountain represents the journey that the happy couple will take together.

All you need to do is choose three locations that you know they wish to travel to and the artist will collate local maps of these areas together.

Alternatively, you could choose a few places that mean something to them, such as the place they met, where they got engaged and where they will get married.

This is nailed on to be a hit and is one of the best engagement gifts you can think of.

2. Engagement Star Map

On the back of the first present, this is another great idea. A star map is a representation of what the universe looked like from a certain place and time of your choice.

Obviously, for the sake of this engagement gift, you would choose the date that they met or when they got engaged. 

You can pick one of a custom star map from Twinkle In Time and even write your own message to the couple (saving you from buying a card too!)

This star map is another heartwarming present. The personalized touch gives it that extra special touch for the best engagement gift you can think of.

If you want to step it up even more, then have star named after your beloved partner and get a real certificate from the Star Registry. You can buy the certificate on this site.

3. Wedding Keepsake Library

When couples get married, most of their wedding items get boxed up and shoved in the attic or basement. This is not only uneconomical, but it is also a shame to keep such wonderful things packed away into a dust collector.

This is where you come in. This wedding keepsake library makes for the best engagement gift ever. The couple can store all their gorgeous memorabilia into an organized solution that looks just as beautiful as the things they’re storing.

Once they have it, they won’t want to keep it anywhere else but on display, giving them an excuse to look back at their special day.

4. Custom Family Name Doormat

No doubt that at some point, the happy couple is going to move into their new home – if they haven’t already done so!

This gives you a great opportunity to get a custom name doormat to place outside their new front door. For anyone that walks past, comes in for a catch-up or even when the mailman delivers the post, they will see that their home is a place of happiness and filled with love.

You can pick up one of these from Etsy. Design the name and add a date to complete the look. 

5. Kool8 Water Bottle

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work and cause a lot of stress on the happy couple. They also need to make sure they are ready for the big day. 

Staying hydrated also keeps skin healthy so when the wedding day finally comes around, they will be glowing and looking their best.

This makes a water bottle the perfect engagement gift. This one from Kool8 is particularly good. It looks very stylish and features excellent insulation technology that keeps the contents at the desired temperature.

In fact, this water bottle is so great that it has made an appearance on CoolThingsChicago’s best gifts list.

6. Velvet Photo Album

It’s only natural to take a million photos at a wedding. From family snaps to cute selfies, the camera will be out of pockets and capturing the special moments all day long.

This photo album works as the best engagement gift as they can collect all the best ones and keep them stored together. Filling it up will be just as much fun as looking back at the photos too.

But this album can double as a guest book too so it’s up to them what to do with it. But no matter what they decide, you’ve given them a gift of memories – something they will never forget.

7. Bucket List Journal

This great engagement gift idea comes from Gift Wits. A bucket list journal is a place where the happy couple can write down their experiences together and share each other’s dreams.

Since it’s a bucket list, it can be full of once-in-a-lifetime ideas, like seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza, climbing the Empire State Building or boating down the Amazon river.

It’s also more than a gift they’ll use one evening and then never touch again. It’s something that they can continue to fill in as they spend their lives together. 

8. Champagne Gift Set

You can never go wrong with champagne. It’s an all-time classic for a reason. A bottle of bubbly goes down a treat and it comes with two glasses for them to share. 

Whether it’s after the wedding or just an evening in together, let them enjoy a romantic drink with each other. 

This gift set also comes with champagne-flavored candy gummies to make the gift even sweeter.

9. Fondue Pot Set

This final engagement gift is perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere – so pretty much everyone! 

It may be a cliche, but feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries is the epitome of being engaged. They will use it over and over again, even long after the wedding.

The fondue pot set also works great for parties. However, beware that once they start using it, they won’t want to share with anyone else – the simple reason being that you’ll be around their home all the time for a taste of that sweet, sweet melted sensation.