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A Guide to Adding Value to Your Home

ByDave Stopher

Feb 13, 2020 #property

Your home should be a place you love and enjoy spending time in, and any updates you choose to make should reflect that. However, if you’re looking to seriously increase the value of your home, whether it’s in preparation for putting your property on the market or to protect your assets in the future, there any many areas which you should contemplate updating sufficiently.

Consider a Loft Conversion

This is a very beneficial and worthwhile investment in regards to adding value; not only will a loft conversion provide you with an extra room to use while you are still living in the property, whether as a spare bedroom, storage or home office, but it will also enable you to market your home as having an extra room. There are many companies that can guide you in your plan to convert your loft, but one reputable one out there in the industry is the experts from https://visionarylofts.co.uk/. This will make it much more appealing to potential buyers when they view your house.

When planning a loft conversion, be sure to do your research and find a dependable company like Touchstone Lofts, who can help you build your ideal loft conversion. If you’re also wondering ‘Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?’, then Touchstone Lofts are the experts to ask.

Give Your Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

The way you choose to decorate your home can have a massive difference on its appeal and value. A fresh coat of paint can make a property look and feel brighter. To prepare a home for viewings, it’s much better to have your home freshly painted in more neutral colours so that you can provide a blank canvas for new buyers. It also enables your home to feel bigger. Avoid bold and bright colours if you’re dedicated to adding value and increasing your home’s charm, even if these are more to your taste.

Expert Painters and Decorators in London can help to professionally decorate your home – inside and out – if you’re looking for a serious aesthetic update before you plan to sell your property.

Increase the Outside Appeal

If you’re lucky enough to have adequate outside space with your property, then you want to make the best of it, whether it’s a large garden or small outside area such as a balcony. How you choose to dress and arrange the outside space of your home can work wonders on first impressions – especially as the exterior is the first part of your property potential buyers will see – and it will also ensure that new homeowners can view a more attractive outside space without having to use their imagination.

Think about extra features such as plants and flowers, as well as outside furniture and setting up a clear space for time to be spent outdoors. For night-time viewings, consider adequate outdoor lighting as well as atmospheric lighting to create the right mood.

Update Your Heating System

The right heating system is a huge must for any property, and this is something which you will be able to benefit from while still living in your home, as well as allowing it to add significant value. Invest in upgrading your boiler to a newer edition and update your central heating so that new buyers won’t be deterred by a home that fails to heat up well. A lot of buyers won’t want to invest in new heating themselves.

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