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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub



FIT TO LAST PERSONAL TRAINERS offers high-end, all-inclusive fitness solution for those who’ve tried everything in the past; crash diets, exercise fads, regular gyms etc.; all with little to no success or results. Fit to Last works with you to create a personalised programme of exercise, nutrition (no calorie counting or weighing) and small, simple lifestyle changes, to keep you on track to your goals, injury free and bursting with energy.  Train in person at their studio in London, or via Zoom from anywhere in the world.

Price: From £159 a month.

Website: www.fittolast.co.uk

B’LIEV – This plant-based protein drink is packed with 20g of protein and comes in three unusual, utterly delicious flavours: Blueberry Muffin, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Brownie. Packed with protein and fibre, and fortified with vitamins and minerals, B’liev delivers much more than hydration and great taste, it encourages us all to believe that anything is possible, we just have to believe in ourselves.

RRP: £2.99 per bottle

Website:  https://bliev.com/



CLINIC NUTRITION – Delicious, healthy liquid supplements from Clinic Nutrition Ltd., which has created a range of high-quality, broad-spectrum liquid supplements including, Vitaliti (for general health and wellbeing), Cartonica (for joint health) and Cutizana (for hair, nails and skin).

RRP: From 24.99 per 500ml bottle (one month supply)

Website: www.clinicnutrition.co.uk

PiQi – PiQi Water Kefir is a delicious, healthy, gut-friendly drink full of the probiotic benefits of Kefir. It is vegan, gut-friendly, caffeine-free, raw and traditionally brewed at a small fermentary in Devon. Currently available in four delicious flavours – Grapefruit and Cardamom, Ginger and Lemon, Butterfly Pea and Original – ideal on its own or create a delicious mocktail and celebrate a healthy Mother’s Day.

Price: From £19.00 for 2 x 750ml bottles

Website: https://piqilife.com/


propertyCEO – A nationwide property development training company that specialises in training new, small-scale developers. So, if your Mother has always dreamt of buying somewhere dilapidated and restoring it to its former glory or converting an old industrial property into residential, and you are looking to get a BIG present, you could treat her to a three-day Fast Track Small-Scale Property Development workshop (held via Zoom).

This costs £1497 +VAT so, if that’s a bit outside your budget, you may want to opt for one or more of their three books on the subject: ‘Industrial to residential conversions: The essential guide to converting industrial buildings for profit’, ‘Your own personal time machine’ or ‘The guide to small-scale property development: and the rise of the landlord developer’.

Website: https://propertyceo.co.uk/





PODO Clinic and Workshop – Whether your mum has a few aches and pains, wants to prevent injury, or simply loves her sport and wants to improve performance, Podo’s Christophe Champs is a consultant in Biomechanics and works with clients to help correct postural and biomechanical issues that are causing pain or putting them at risk of injury. A voucher for a consultation with Christophe will mean your mum will be tested in both the moving gait and the still posture. Christophe can then correct misalignment and asymmetry through creating custom-made orthotics to suit her exact needs.

Price: £369 including footwear, biomechanical and postural assessments, gait analysis, one pair of orthotics custom moulded and any further check-ups.

Website: https://www.podo.london/



CLIMEWORKS – Climeworks removes carbon dioxide directly from the air and then safely stores it. What’s clever about this is that it removes historic CO2 and this air-captured carbon dioxide is removed for good! Climeworks works with big organisations, such as Microsoft and Shopify, to help them remove their carbon footprint and it is also available to individuals. With fully customisable gifts, you can permanently remove carbon dioxide from the air in the name of your eco-loving Mum.

Website: https://climeworks.com/climate-impact-gift

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