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A Successful New Age For Speed Dating Businesses

Organisations offering speed dating have been on the increase in recent years. Indeed, this fast-track route to finding Mr or Mrs Right has enjoyed a renaissance after playing second fiddle to online dating apps for a while. Thanks to companies like Speed Dater which runs events in 24 cities across the UK including speed dating London, Manchester and Birmingham, single people have the chance to combine the convenience of one-dimensional internet dating with real-world interaction in a safe, stylish and fun environment.

From New York in the USA to Sydney in Australia, the conveyor belt of potential dates is the ideal fix to a dating world dominated by digitised interaction. Since it first appeared in the late 1990s in California, speed dating has proven to be a sociable and entertaining experience. Its comeback in recent years is down to operators offering events in hip venues with the promise of an entertaining evening and the potential of finding the love of your life.

The format has proven so successful that it has also influenced other sectors too. Networking events for businesses to find suppliers or develop commercial partnerships are emerging as a way to effectively expand supply chains and knowledge pools. Maybe these execs, directors, and marketing managers got the idea after finding true love on a speed date?

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