China has numerous wonderful attractions that entice visitors to explore its amazing natural wonders as well as the imposing imperial palaces, delicate water towns, diversified folk customs, and splendid cultural heritage.  It is almost impossible to cover the entire country that covers an area of 9.6 million square meters during one’s lifetime. But its intriguing attractions make it compelling for tourists to choose some selective destinations that represent a perfect blend of natural beauty and the country’s progress to modernity.

The best thing about Nanning China is that despite not having the attributes normally attached to tourist spots it has its own attractions of natural beauty and peaceful environment that is ideal for recharging your batteries. Moreover, being located on the border of neighboring Vietnam, it is the gateway for travelers to and from that country who find it completely relaxing to spend a few days in Nanning amid its natural splendors. The beautiful canopy of trees that line the roads provides a very cooling welcome to tourists who can eat local delicacies and enjoy local cultural sights. The city attracts tourists in an unconventional way that makes it most unique.

Visit any time of the year

The green metropolis as people call it, Nanning is the capital of Guangxi province in southwest China and is fast coming up as a prominent tourist spot. It offers plenty of opportunities to interact closely with nature by exploring its beautiful parks, waterfalls, and mountains, as well as some excellent museums. Since Nanning has a sub-tropical climate, you can visit it any time of the year. The beautiful metro system makes it convenient to cover the distances across the city without any fuss. If you are in two minds about whether to visit Nanning, then here are the reasons for planning a trip.

Lots of downtown attractions

Visitors who want to enjoy urban recreation would find a lot in Nanning’s city center that would keep them occupied.  The Guangxi Provincial Museum that houses numerous cultural relics of the province, is a comprehensive historical and artistic museum. The architectural style of the building with chiseled features and elegance welcomes visitors to get a taste of the culture and history of the place. The stunning collection of gold drums will leave you in awe. The Guanxi Ethnic relics center is also equally attractive.

Beautiful parks

The parks of Nanning are stunning, to say the least, and the sublime scenery of the city gives plenty of opportunities to spend time in the lap of nature. The scenic beauty of Qingxiu Mountain is so much well-known that tourists can hardly afford to keep away from it.  The lush green surroundings of the mountain and the splendid parks of Nanning together with the lakes, pagodas, flowers, and dinosaur sculptures are irresistible attractions.

Explore Guangxi

No trip to Nanning can be complete without exploring the other parts of Guangxi province. Plan to spend some time at the Hundred Demon cave and Bapan, the place made famous by its flock of centurion citizens.

Being in Nanning allows you to visit Hanoi in Vietnam, which is just a stone throw away.