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ADT shares advice for students to help keep homes safe

Glenn Amato, Managing Director at ADT UK&Iexplains: “Moving into a university house after being in halls of residence should be an exciting time. But with lots of carefree students all living together under one roof, each with many expensive personal belongings, such as laptops and phones, burglars can sadly see student homes as a bit of a quick win with potentially big payoffs. 

“Universities are notoriously bad at publishing crime data (both on and off campus) and so before deciding on an area to live, it is highly recommended that students compare the crime rates within the most popular student areas using data from ADT’s Crime In My Area tool, an easy, online platform to check crime rates in a given postcode.  

“Once students have picked an area to live, the good news is that there are many simple ways to keep a house safe and sound from unwanted intruders, leaving students free to be able to focus on enjoying university life. The below advice provides simple and practical ways for students to look after a house for the first time, to help make living away from home a little safer and less daunting.” 


ADT guidance on protecting a university house from burglars 


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