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Advantages of using IPTV in resorts, hotels, and other accommodation centers

ByDarshan Shah

Sep 23, 2020 #technology

Internet Protocol Television, an overview

An IPTV is a broadcasting service that uses the internet to transfer the media content. If you see cable television, the content will be transferred using coaxial cables. In the case of satellite television, it is done through radio waves from a geostationary satellite. Likewise, an IPTV service will use public and private networks to transfer the data. You need not have any special equipment to telecast the programs. You will need an internet connection and a device that can telecast the content such as mobile, Smart TV, a laptop, or a personal computer. IPTV is international, and you can buy from a service provider of any other country. If you are based on Sweden, you can either go for a Svensk IPTV or any other foreign IPTV as you wish.

Other uses of IPTV

IPTV has a huge impact on the hospitality sector. You can use these channels to entertain your guests. Many hotels are using these channels to promote their extra offerings like spa services, gyms, swimming pools, etc. Having a visual guide that can entertain in some instances will help you to increase the customer satisfaction. Some of the advantages of using IPTV in hotels or resorts are as below.

Advantages of using IPTV in hotels

  • You can provide various movies and on-demand shows to your guests with high-resolution streaming. Since they do not need to pay anything and they can watch all their favorite shows at ease, this can increase your customer satisfaction to a higher level. In cases of waiting for business meetings, these casual videos can help your guests to sit and relax.

  • IPTV channels can also stream live sports and other live activities around the world. Sports streaming without delay will be very helpful in the times of sports seasons while your guests will be in their hotel rooms. Since they do not need any internet connection to stream live sports, IPTV can improve the satisfaction of sports lovers.

  • You can provide an extensive range of both local and foreign language channels. People from other counties or countries can also view their regional channels through the IPTV system in high resolution without paying a penny. It can increase your ratings.

  • You can use IPTV systems as an advertising channel to promote you extra value products if any, or the products and services of other companies like tourism agents. It generates an additional income at a little extra effort.

  • Most of the guests will be looking for a way to find out the facilities inside the hotel or resort. You can showcase your property and its services in your guest rooms to guide them inside the hotel. Some hotels are using IPTV systems to showcase the spots and attractions in the city to guide their tourist customers to explore the new environment.

  • Using an IPTV system will replace multiple cable and network systems in your property.

  • Improved people management system

  • Some hotels employ IPTV systems with a remote control to let their guests play some games by offering various gaming packages.

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