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I find your posts interesting and also another way forward to seeking business as its great how you put sources names etc. Out of curiosity as I also do networking meetings etc etc do you find that people come direct to yourself for publicity? or are you proactive in finding business news? I am just curious as it would be a great way of me trying to reach out to people whom I would never get the chance to “break down the doors” so to speak as its always good to make new connections in the line of work that we do as were trying to build up our presence in the North
Mandy Hall

Director, Wrapture Signs

NE Connected is a valuable resource for both myself and my clients for not just sharing our news but also finding out what’s happening in the local community. The various channels- social media, newsletters and website- provide a range of great opportunities to promote everything from community events to business news and it is quickly becoming a go-to portal in the region.

Anna Addison

Director, Anna Addison Associates

I have worked with NE Connected on many occasions, who are always supportive and keen to publish client’s business stories. I would highly recommend using them

Catherine Harland

Media and Comms Director, DigiPro Media