Panasonic today announced that all of its 2019 OLED TVs have also been designated as Netflix Recommended TVs.

The Netflix Recommended TV program helps consumers identify which TVs deliver a better experience for Netflix by rigorously testing performance, ease-of-use, and other features.

This means that Panasonic TVs are a MUST for film lovers as they are among the select number of TVs which are not only designated as Netflix Recommended TVs, but also support Netflix Calibrated mode, a display mode that configures the TV the same way creators calibrate their monitors in post-production, bringing studio quality picture quality right into the living room.

It was revealed last month that the GX800 LCD TVs had been designated as Netflix Recommended TVs.

Panasonic designated Netflix Recommended TVs


  • GZ2000 series
  • GZ1500 series
  • GZ1000 series
  • GZ950 series


  • GX800 series