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Oct 20, 2019 #charity, #health

NORTH EAST volunteers are being offered the opportunity to feel more energetic and youthful, as part of a trial being carried out by the makers of a revolutionary anti-ageing supplement.

Nuchido is leading the way in producing a supplement which is already resulting in unprecedented results in improving vitality and levels of energy.

The company, based just outside of Newcastle, is backed by some of the world’s greatest experts in the field of ageing, and has created global interest in its harnessing of the latest scientific breakthroughs and making them available to everyone.

Nuchido’s first product is now available and is already enjoying worldwide sales, but now volunteers across a range of age groups are being sought to take part in further trials.

The company is headed up by longevity scientist, Dr Nichola Conlon, a molecular biologist specialising in the study of ageing.

Dr Conlon’s work centres around NAD+ – one of the molecules in cells that regulates ageing – which decreases as people age.

While other supplements which replace NAD+ have been created, Nuchido’s results far exceed everything else currently available on the market.

Trials already carried out by Nuchido in middle aged subjects in their 50s has seen levels of NAD+ increased to the levels of someone 15 years younger

Now the company is looking for volunteers to take part in a more extensive trial, over a three month period.

The supplement will need to be taken daily and those who agree to take part must be available to give a blood sample on 12 separate weeks over a 14-15 week period at Northumbria University.

Men and women aged between 25 and 80 can put themselves forward to take part, but anyone who regularly takes supplements containing vitamin B3 are excluded.

The trial is also not open to anyone who has variable sleep routines, such as people who alternate between day and night shifts.

“The supplement is the result of a number of years of work and we are very excited about the results we have seen so far,” said Dr Conlon.

“This is a breakthrough product in the world of anti-ageing and our plan is now to introduce it worldwide.”

Anyone wanting to take part or to find out more should contact hello@nuchido.com

For further information about Nuchido please visit www.nuchido.com