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Apple vs Android: The handsets most likely to be broken revealed


Nov 20, 2020 #mobiles, #Phones, #Tech
  • iPhones are more likely to be lost or stolen
  • Android users are clumsiest, with more instances of accidental damage
  • New insurance claims data adds to the Apple vs. Android debate

New data has revealed that Android owners are more likely to make insurance claims for accidental damage compared to their iPhone counterparts, while Apple handsets are more likely to be lost or stolen.

The data, analysed by leading insurance provider Insurance2go, using its own claims data sourced over an 18 month period (January 2019 to June 2020), reveals that Android users are more likely to claim against insurance, with a claim rate of 16%, compared to a claim rate of only 10% for iPhone users. However, iPhone owners are more likely to be a victim of theft, with 12% of policies claimed against, compared to 4% of Android policies.

With Android taking over the UK market share in 2019 by 50.2%2, compared to Apple’s share of 49.2%2, it’s actually Apple users who are more precious over their device. More than two thirds (68%) of insurance policies were taken out for Apple phones, over twice the number of policies sold for Android handsets (32%)3.

% breakdown of claim types for Apple and Android handsets in the last 18 months: 

Type of claim 



Accidental Damage  






Mechanical Breakdown  






The data indicates that iPhones are most likely to be stolen or lost, however, Android handsets are more prone to accidental damage by clumsy owners.

When it comes to making a claim, UK mobile phone users, on average need to claim after 131 days against a damaged or lost phone. Android owners are likely to make a claim quicker, waiting on average 124 days compared to 136 days for iPhone users.

Delving into where in the UK iPhone users are most likely to make a claim, London leads the way with 13.6% of iPhone owners claiming in the capital.

Top five cities likely to make a claim for an iPhone (including accidental damage, loss, theft and mechanical breakdown):

  1. London – 13.6%
  2. Portsmouth – 12.4%
  3. Leeds – 12.1%
  4. Peterborough 11.4%
  5. Brighton – 10.8%

Peterborough residents are found to be the most likely to make an insurance claim on their Android mobile phone, with 20.3% claiming for accidental damage, loss, theft or mechanical breakdown.

Top five cities likely to make a claim for an Android mobile phone (including accidental damage, loss, theft and mechanical breakdown). 

  1. Peterborough – 20.3%
  2. London – 19.7%
  3. Brighton – 18.3%
  4. Cardiff – 18.1%
  5. Leicester – 18%

Richard Gray, Head of Marketing and Digital at Insurance2go, said: “The Android vs Apple debate has been the topic of discussion amongst tech fans for many years, with loyalists on each side discussing which handset has the best features and is the best investment.

“At Insurance2go, we wanted to try and find out whether it’s Android or iPhone users who are most likely to claim against their insurance policy. We’re sure these findings will be hard to hear for Android fans, but the numbers certainly point towards the Android camp being the clumsiest. With that said, when it comes to loss, theft and breakdown, Apple handsets are the worst offenders, so iPhone users don’t have too many bragging rights.”

“With loss being the second most common area to claim on for both rival handset owners, we really recommend taking out a relevant insurance policy and setting up tracking on your device.”

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