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ArcheAge June Update Takes Players To A Brand New Region, Pre-Registration For Exclusive Rewards Goes Live

ByDave Stopher

Aug 22, 2022 #ArcheAge

Get ready to visit the Great Prairie of the West and take part in a new competitive event, Guardian Scramble

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 9, 2022: XLGames and Kakao Games are pleased to reveal ArcheAge will be bringing a new region and multiplayer competition to the game on June 23 as part of a free update.

ArcheAge players can travel to the Great Prairie of the West, a brand new region located on the southeastern side of the Hiram Mountains surrounding the Navel of the World. 

The June update for ArcheAge will also introduce Guardian Scramble, a brand new competition which sees factions summoning Guardians in the new region. This new event will allow factions to grow their Guardian into a higher form by offering Traces of a Wish to their Guardian Totem. Players who participate in the daily quests for Guardian Scramble will receive Akasch Token Crates. More details on the upcoming content and changes can be found here.

Starting today, players can also participate in a Pre-Registration Event to earn exclusive rewards. By signing up to the ArcheAge newsletter until June 23, 8 AM UTC, participants will receive three Bound Serendipity Stones, a Garden Nymph Costume, and three Bound Labor Rechargers. The rewards will appear in players’ Web Inventory following the June 23 maintenance. For more details click here