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Are You Going On A Trip To Granada? Things You Must Know

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations for people from all around the world. Spanish culture and history are one of the oldest in the world and Spanish cities are often filled with tourists all year long. One of the most popular destinations for tourists isĀ Granada. This city is filled with a lot of beautiful natural attractions as well as historical monuments and museums. Every street there will remind you of the glorious history and culture of the Spanish people and will make you visit again and again.

One of the biggest stress factors while traveling to foreign countries is to select the right accommodation for your stay over there. This city is not at all expensive for foreign travelers and you will easily be able to find accommodations that fit your needs.

On the basis of requirements of the tourists from their accommodation, the following are 3 different localities where they can stay-

El Centro

If you are visiting the city for the first time in your life, it will be great to stay in El Centro. This is because it is a popular place among tourists and has a lot of hotels and accommodations you can find. Hotels here serve traditional Spanish food to their guests and ensure their safety as well. The place is also filled with several historical locations that you can visit in order to satisfy your hunger for traveling. This area contains other accommodations as well like guest house and travel hosting services. You will also be able to rent apartments and villas if you are staying with family or in large groups.


People who are on a tight budget can stay in the locality of Sacromonte. This place houses a large number of hotels, travel hosting services, guest houses and cottages that you can book in order to stay. The biggest advantage of staying in Sacromonte is that all the hotels and other accommodations present there are a lot more budget-friendly than other places in Spain. You will also be able to find traditional Spanish food over there and can visit the traditional gypsy settlements in order to understand the lifestyle of the locals. You will be able to spot several historical buildings, caves, and spots that are very popular among travelers. The stay and everything else will be relatively cheaper over there that the rest of the localities in Granada and Spain.

La Chana

For people that are on a family tour and want to book their stay in a family-friendly locality, La Chana is the perfect option. The hotels here provide proper rooms for families so that everyone can stay together. You get to choose from a wide list of accommodations like rental apartments, villas, cottages, travel hosting services, hotels and a lot more. Above all the versatile options provided to you, the cost of staying here will also not burn a hole in your pocket. The locality is quite green and most families live in the area which makes it a great place to stay while you are with your kids.

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