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ByDave Stopher

Aug 19, 2022 #Articy

The art of making games just became better and faster — with articy:draft’s latest update! 

BOCHUM, GERMANY — AUGUST 17, 2022 | articy:draft 3, the narrative design tool helping game writers and narrative designers create and keep track of their storylines, just launched a new features update. Now even more powerful and accessible, it’s literally a game-changer for interactive storytelling. 

articy:draft 3 offers a wide range of handy tools for game writing, planning and content management in a visual and writer friendly environment. With better visualisation of story branches — and improved flexibility of its tools — you can write and design whatever story you can imagine.  

The improvements in update 3.2 are meant to make game writing even faster and more efficient.  

  •  The addition of ‘Favourites’ brings faster access to the most used Objects. You can add objects and even folders as Favourites. A yellow outline makes them easy to spot in the flow and with the added Favourites folder in the Library tab, they’ll always be just one click away.
  •   With the Multi Assign feature Speaker iterations are easier. Changed your mind about who says what? Simply reassign via selection of multiple dialogue nodes and fix it.
  • Quick create keeps your writing flow going. You can now create new dialogue fragments in a fraction of the time; with both speakers and template already assigned — useful combinations are already displayed as suggestions. 
  • Template project creation saves time recreating templates. When creating a new project, you can now opt to import templates from one of your existing projects.
  • Enhanced scripting – you can now check the range, increase and decrease values of properties with shorter scripting statements. The new scripting tutorial available at launch will teach you exactly how. 

Alongside articy:draft 3’s enhanced new features come many small yet meaningful improvements to the articy:draft experience. Combined with the dedicated Unity and Unreal integrations that help transport the content to the engine, you can easily keep creative content separate from your game engine code (and your teams will thank you for it). A .JSON export is also available for other engines. 

Articy understands that interactive stories are complex by nature, but articy:draft 3 aims to simplify this process. For more information, please refer to the useful links below where you can hear first-hand from developers who have already benefited from using the software.  

Useful Links: