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Avoid Replacing Your Outdoor Flags Every Month with This Flag Maintenance Guide

Promotional flags have always been amazing marketing tools for small businesses. Unlike most modern-day marketing tools, these flags are cheap yet highly effective. Local businesses use promotional flags of different heights, features, sizes, and colors to attract the attention of local shoppers. The constant presence of these flags also helps these businesses build their local brand presence.

The past two years have highlighted the power of proximity for local brands. When modern society was ravaged by the COVID19 pandemic, local brands leveraged their proximity with consumers to provide consistent goods/services. That’s why local, outdoor advertising with tools like promotional flags is currently extremely popular. According to a recent study –

  • 55% of consumers in urban centers say they notice outdoor ads (billboards, marketing flags, etc.)
  • 34% of consumers say outdoor ads influence their purchasing decisions
  • 82% of consumers have noticed outdoor advertisements while driving on local roads (82%)

If you’re a small business owner using outdoor flags for marketing, remember – these tools are vital for your brand. Well-designed promotional flags can bring great success to your small business. However, you need to learn how to craft high-quality outdoor flag marketing campaigns. Promotional flags are cost-effective and highly durable. But, many business owners have to constantly replace these flags.

Why? Improper use and insufficient maintenance. You can keep your custom-printed flags bright, fresh, and in tip-top quality just by following some basic maintenance steps. Here are these steps –

Strategic Installation

A high-quality promotional flag will attract eyes no matter where you install them. But, installing them in strategic locations where the safety of your flag isn’t at risk is equally important. For example, if you install your promotional flags near a busy street, it will attract thousands of eyes.

But, air pollution may cause the flag to lose its aesthetic appeal. To avoid that, don’t keep the same flag installed in that same location for too long. Use two or three sets of flags instead. Use them periodically to ensure air pollution doesn’t cause permanent deterioration or fading to any of your flags.

Regular Cleaning

The life expectancy of your promotional flag is dependent on where, how frequently, and under what climatic conditions it’s used. However, regular cleaning of vinyl, synthetic, or even cotton flags have proven to increase their lifespans. Users can essentially rejuvenate their marketing flags after every time they use them.

Keep your promotional flag installed outdoors for one or two days. After that, bring it indoors, give it a wash, dry it, and store it in a cool place. Re-use it after a few hours. Keep repeating this process. Don’t leave one flag outdoors for weeks or months. By doing so, you can make these flags last for years.

Avoid Wind and Rain

Dismantle your promotional flags during adverse weather conditions. There’s no point in letting your promotional flags face the wrath of strong winds combined with heavy rain. Just uninstall the flags and only use them again when it’s normal outside. Just by following these simple flag care tips, you can make your promotional flags last for several years!

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