Award winning UK film producer, Dean Maynard has announced his new film project, supernatural horror, The Rag Dolly. Dean is also writing the script.

Dean Maynard from Durham, co-produced and acted in 2014’s ‘The Legend of the Chained Oak’. The film won best horror short awards at the The Bram Stoker Festival, Portobello Festival and Stoke Your Fires and was shortlisted at numerous other festivals around the world. It has also been shown at numerous Horror Con events around the UK.

Dean said, “We are filming around the North-East late summer and we are hoping that the Rag Dolly will become a new UK horror icon, Rag Dolly is a supernatural character with immense strength, think a Michael Myers version of Carrie”

The Rag Dolly is based on an idea Dean got whilst away on holiday is Scotland.

Filming for The Rag Dolly is set to start filming late Summer and will be directed by Mark Mooney.

Award winning Newcastle actress, Faye Ormston will play the role of The Rag Dolly, whilst Ross Brewster, plays the role of Jason Fletcher.

Outline: The Rag Dolly had one love. When that love was taken away from her, the anger and hatred grew. Now stronger than ever, she is back to destroy one man and his family.