Wallsend-based Barrier Group’s efficient lighting solutions division, Barrier LED, has signed an agreement with npower Business, which supplies energy to businesses across the UK, to become the energy company’s recommended commercial and industrial LED Lighting supplier for this sector.

Barrier LED will enable companies, through the introduction of specialist lighting technology, to reduce energy costs and meet key business objectives including safety and productivity.

Barrier LED delivers efficient lighting solutions for application in markets including power generation, warehousing, sporting arenas and schools. Its product range includes flood lights, street lighting, down lights and recessed ceiling panels, which all reduce carbon usage, require virtually zero maintenance and have a greater than 10-year expected operating life-span.

Its systems also eliminate waste, saving up to 60 per cent in energy costs. One of its recent customers, a school in the North East, is expecting to reduce its energy costs by more than £13,000 a year.

Also as part of the agreement, Barrier LED will help customers access funding packages to support the purchase and installation of the lighting systems, which will enable companies to fund the lighting system from the cost savings.

Customers will be able to buy lighting as well as gas and electricity via a network of third party energy suppliers typically brokers.

The new partnership was a result of an 18-month process carried out by npower, involving comprehensive assessments of Barrier LED’s products, experience and market expertise.

Steven Lee, Managing Director of Barrier LED, said: “We are extremely proud to be recommended as the industrial and commercial LED provider of npower in the UK. It is testament to the hard work of our team, which has, in a relatively short time, developed an effective solution that has gained strong traction in the market.”

Tony Oram, Technical Director at Barrier LED, said: “The npower team were impressed with our innovation-based approach, but also the added value we bring through our technical expertise coupled with our understanding of customer requirement. This enables us to provide the correct solution for customers. We are looking forward to building on this relationship with npower and exploring new ways we can work together in the future.”

Tony added: “This arrangement will also support our direct LED sales, particularly in the North East where potential customers will see our agreement with npower as an endorsement of the quality and efficiency of our systems.”

Richard Longbottom, Head of npower Business, said: “At npower Business, we are committed to working closely with SMEs to help them succeed, supplying them with a range of services including energy saving advice and products which can help to superpower their business. Working with companies such as Barrier LED helps us to bring even more suitable products to support our customers to be successful.”