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How to Become a Self-Employed Courier


Jul 21, 2017 #Business

Self-employed couriers can set their own hours, rates and pace. It is therefore no surprise you may wish to follow in their footsteps. If you are unsure where to start, we recommend reading the following top tips on how to become a self-employed courier.

Hire a Van

The first step you need to take to become a self-employed courier is to source a van. You have the option to buy a van outright, or you can opt for a van hire Birmingham to help you affordably start a new career. Depending on the van hire company you choose, you could benefit from unlimited mileage, a low deposit, and full maintenance and breakdown cover.

List Yourself as a Self-Employed Courier

Once you have a van, your next step should be to list yourself as a self-employed courier. You can do so by checking for courier companies in the local area, or visit one of the many freelance courier websites online.

Don’t be afraid to contact courier companies, like Ask Absolutely direct by phone, email or by popping in for a visit. It may take a little time to receive regular work, but have a little patience. The more jobs you perform well, the more reliable you will be viewed by a company.

Create Business Cards

As a self-employed courier, you will essentially be running your own business. Instead of waiting for work to come to you, take control of your employment to ensure you receive regular work. That’s why we recommend creating business cards, which you can present to companies or hand to a person so they have your information on file. Ensure you include your name, contact details and preferred working hours. If you fail to hear back from a potential company or client within a few weeks, contact them again to stay on their radar.

Maintain a Professional Appearance

A courier will provide a first impression about a company. For this reason, you must maintain a professional, smart appearance that reflects a brand and courier company. If you fail to maintain a presentable appearance, a courier company may choose to work with other smartly dressed couriers.

Be Reliable

You will not last long in the courier industry if you are always late or deliver the wrong parcels. It’s easy to become lost when driving here, there and everywhere, which is using a Sat Nav or GPS smartphone is recommended. This will not only help to navigate your way across a city, but it will also notify you of any traffic jams or congestion. If you are stuck in traffic, all it may take to maintain a happy customer is to inform them of an issue and that it may affect their parcel delivery.


All self-employed couriers are responsible for staying on top of their invoices and admin files. With so much work, it’s easy to lose track of how much money a courier owes you, as well as any expenses. Take a little time each day to track your invoices and client list, so you will receive an accurate income and pay the appropriate tax.

By Emily