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Benefits of Pest Inspection Before Selling Family Home


Apr 6, 2020

When the time comes to sell a home that’s been important to your family for possibly many years, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right. Out of respect for the home you’ve loved as much as for the next family to make it their own. One of the easiest ways you can do this is with a pest inspection. Not to say, of course, that you have a pest problem to begin with; for that you’d need an exterminator (which hopefully won’t be necessary). Think of an inspection more so as a way of getting certified fresh for the housing market. If you need extra convincing though, here are some useful benefits of pest inspection before selling up:

Getting a head start

You may not have a problem quite yet but often the best form of pest control is the kind that stops them from arriving at all. Professional inspectors know what to look for, from damaged or moist wood to unseen mouse droppings in a dark alcove. Catching these potential problems before they lead to a swarm of pests is ultimately cheaper and easier than the alternative.

Pre-empting the buyer’s inspection

Home inspectors for buyers will also know what to look for; so by prioritizing your own pest inspection you can get a head start not only on a potential infestation but on the home buyer’s own inspection. There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard when you’re trying to sell, especially as some buyers may have a ‘termite contingency’ in their purchase contract, which would allow them to withdraw from the sale in the event of certain damages.

Increased market value

Good home maintenance only helps the value of your property and swift pest control falls right under this remit. It shows you’ve taken pride in your home, reflecting its status as an important extension of your family. A home kept in good condition and with sentimental value attached for good measure inevitably attracts more eyes than one with a rushed look as sellers try to get rid of it quickly.

Better chance of a cash buyer

Don’t think this means your property sale will be delayed. In fact, pest inspections can lead to a faster, more efficient transaction in contrast to one that could be held up significantly or cancelled altogether by a home inspector spotting something on the buyer’s behalf. Cash buyers for houses aren’t hard to find providing you’re offering a well maintained property they won’t be able to resist. There is further advice on how to sell your house fast if you’re keen to get things moving swiftly.

Be ready to exterminate

Should an inspection find unforeseen evidence of an infestation, whatever part of the process you find yourself in, hope is not lost! A good exterminator can uproot the tiny society trying to take your home for themselves and ensure they don’t permanently harm your chances of a strong house sale. One of the more annoying pests to take up roots in your home are ants – as there’s usually plenty of them but they can be easy to miss with the naked eye. They can sneakily enter your home through a heating or air con system. It’s therefore good to acquaint yourself with a reputable ant exterminator just in case.

Peace of mind for both seller and buyer

As mentioned earlier, it’s likely to negatively affect your sale if a buyer’s own home inspection turns up something you missed. Even were this a simple mistake, it may come across as a lack of due diligence on your part or worse, a deliberate oversight. You’d rather not have to face an angry phone call with buyers who feel they might’ve been misled, right? By having a certified professional pest inspection you’re not only covering your own back but offering peace of mind to a buyer that your property is ready for them in the best possible condition, with no unpleasant surprises to come. That way, everyone comes out happy.

Making the decision to sell family home can be a hard one at the best of times. Moving home is already considered one of the most stressful things we do in life, even more so when there’s sentimental value attached to the move. Don’t let pests or other issues add to that. Get on top of the problem quickly with an effective pest inspection and it’ll be one less worry on your mind.

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