No Hollywood film can do good business unless backed by proper marketing by utilizing the social media channels, especially Instagram, which seems to be the best channel for promoting the entertainment industry.  Solid marketing that creates considerable buzz is the recipe for the success of any film. The visual platform of Instagram provides endless opportunities for showcasing celebrity appearances, teaser trailers, and advanced screening, which create a potent package for generating the buzz that can catapult films to incredible success. As the internet keeps buzzing about the film, it encourages people to view it at the theaters and starts spreading word of mouth that has been highly powerful in deciding the fate of films in the box office.

Instagram is the perfect platform for promoting films like any other product. Using various online marketing techniques, you can generate hype, making the film look extraordinary even before the screening. Marketing films on Instagram follows the same fundamental branding techniques on which you can build the marketing campaign. The rules of the game are the same as marketing any other products on Instagram that revolve around garnering likes for the uploaded content, and more likes translate into more popularity hence more buzz about films. Since films have a concise shelf life, it is critical to generate instant hype from uploading teasers and trailers. It is better to buy Instagram likes instead of trying to gather them organically only.

The production company is mainly responsible for marketing films. It can start the process by creating an Instagram account of the company or exclusively for a particular film, depending on the branding strategy. The big production companies of Hollywood are brands that can market films as some of their products. Smaller production houses that have not become brands can use the film as a brand and promote it.  Regardless of the marketing approach, it is critical to generate brand awareness by developing Instagram strategies that help achieve the marketing goals, which become very much visible from the campaign’s hype.

This article will discuss some Instagram marketing tips useful for filmmakers who take it upon themselves to promote the film instead of depending on the production company.

Follow the best in Hollywood

Following some of the best Instagram accounts of Hollywood celebrities can be highly inspirational when you are launching your Instagram campaign for promoting your film. Follow the Instagram pages of some of the best in the industry and carefully inspect all aspects like photos, posts, videos, one-off ideas and draw inspiration from it to develop your content by using your creativity but be careful not to plagiarize anything. Your content must be original and authentic, even if it has some similarities with other content in its structure and presentation manner.  Develop your style by using your unique ideas, which become the hallmark of your content which the target audience can easily relate to and identify whenever they see your posts.

Create your branding strategy without comparing it with some of the established Hollywood Instagram accounts and work hard consistently to generate brand awareness that takes time. Focus on developing your followers who can later turn into your brand ambassador.

Build connections and networking

Networking and connections are critical to your film branding efforts on Instagram because the more connections you develop, the higher the brand visibility. Through effective networking, you can spread the brand far and wide.  Developing relationships with the target audience and nurturing it goes a long way to creating some incredible experience that brings the audience closer to the brand they start believing in. Using the right PR skills, you can build lasting relations with peers in the industry that connect to a broader audience who begin taking an interest in your brand.

Grow your connections with people relevant to your business and brand as you can learn from their experiences that enrich your vision about films and the entertainment industry. Follow the accounts of other film directors and cinematographers to understand how they use their posts to drive engagement. Stay prepared to take the opportunities that come your way.

Emphasize the call to action

Drawing viewers’ attention to your account is indeed vital as much necessary it is to convert them into your followers. Most important is to ensure that they interact in the way you want in some meaningful way. To draw viewers’ attention to your film, craftily insert a strong call to action in your bio so that they have a look at the feed containing the promotional content about the film. Compose a concise, crisp CTA that drives your audience to the branding page and keeps them abreast of your works, upcoming projects, and focus on the films that are about to release. To educate the audience, you can also direct them to your website by insisting they click on a link in your bio.

When you share the photos and videos about your movies, use the comment section to inform the audience about your activities related to filmmaking. It will help build better bonding with the audience that would trust your transparent approach to maintaining the relationship. Provide eye-catching captions to the images you post on Instagram and include a CTA wherever possible so that it provides the opportunity to engage with your account most appropriately.

Showcase your creativity

Having the right skills and using the right tools is essential to increase your Instagram content’s attractiveness, which can look stunning.  Use your creativity and apply your aesthetic senses to curate your feed by using various filters and apps that provide multiple means of enriching your content so that it grabs eyeballs. Social media success depends to some extent on the visibility of content which is not difficult to achieve.

By leveraging the right tactics and using the tips discussed here, you can start your successful film promotion journey. It can be a great way for you to connect with your audience and promote your film.