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Best Platforms for Cryptocurrency


Aug 12, 2021

Cryptocurrency includes bitcoin and other digital currencies that are collectively called Altcoins. To receive your money, one can’t withdraw cryptocurrency as we do with our bank accounts. We have to sell, buy a product directly, or exchange our cryptocurrency by exchange units. We don’t know which platform is best for getting your money from cryptocurrency. But this article will discuss the most trusted and best websites or apps for getting your money from cryptocurrency. As many websites and applications are working for this purpose, it is pretty challenging to figure out which one is best for your exchange. The bitcoin trading is among the most trusted sources that would assist in trading bitcoin cryptocurrency, in both manual and automated modes.


Coinbase is the most trusted platform for making crypto exchanges. It keeps all the information private and never shares the buyers and sellers identities with anyone. Along with this, it provides the best security, and the fear of theft is reduced to a minimum. Compared to other platforms, while making transactions with coinbase, we have to pay significantly fewer transaction fees. So, it is the cheapest way for crypto exchange. It also provides insurance to the digital wallet where bitcoin is stored, so there is no risk of theft, hacking, or drive crashes. But, coinbase keeps those bitcoins’ security keys by themselves and is not shared with the owner.


Binance is an exchange program that not only deals with bitcoins but also with altcoins. It covers more than 100 altcoins and is very trusted for buyers who want to buy cryptocurrency at lower rates. You can also switch to another altcoin as well by using this app. Its transaction fees are also significantly less, and you can exchange currency at comparatively lesser rates. For binance, you can only purchase crypto using US dollars, and other currencies are not acceptable. One can also buy altcoins through online payments or debit cards.


For making an easy withdrawal of money, spare is the best platform. When you request money withdrawal, this app will send you a barcode. You have to take this to the nearest shopkeeper who is also using the spare app. You will ask the shop owner to scan that bar code and then he will provide you with the money. As a result, your cryptocurrency of the same worth will be added to the shopkeeper’s wallet. For money exchange, other applications are also working, but for cryptocurrency, a spare app is the best means.


Gemini is the best crypto exchange platform both for beginners and professionals. This app provides you with the best means of buying, selling or getting your cryptocurrency exchanges. Its main benefit is the security it offers to the users. You can easily rely on the Gemini app because your digital wallet is protected now, and there is no threat of hacking, stealing or losing your wallet. But unlike coinbase, it is not operated in most countries of the world, and it is just a US-based application. It has its currency also known as Gemini currency.


Kucoin is also the safest, cheapest and user-friendly application for crypto exchange. Its transaction fee is as low as 0 per cent at some points. Kucoin covers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and 50 more altcoins. The unique feature of Kucoin is that users can purchase its shares also, which no other cryptocurrency exchange app provides. But it has a weak point, too; you can not directly withdraw money from Kucoin; instead, you can only buy, sell or trade with cryptocurrency while using this.


Blockfolio is the best app for people who have become professionals in cryptocurrency dealing. You can buy, sell or trade through cryptocurrency by using the securest and most transparent means, but also it helps you keep a keen observation on the rise and falls in the crypto market. Users can quickly figure out which is the best time to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency. It notifies the user directly about the investments and purchases they have made using this. But this app is not for beginners as it is not that easy to use and deals with more details.

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