• Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

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Big names unite to discuss and praise revolutionary supplier management software

A supplier management software company unveiled new innovative plug-in developments this week, to an impressive audience.

Trade Interchange hosted its first ever ARCUS® user group with prestigious customers, including Sodexo, Domino’s, AAK and Whitbread.

The session was designed to bring together users of Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® supplier management platform, encourage feedback and announce and demonstrate new functionality within the software.

The day was made up of live demonstrations, workshops and a feedback session, and will prove to be invaluable as the ARCUS® modules, particularly Supplier Information Management (SIM), develop further to address the needs of specific industries.

Mike Edmunds, managing director and co-founder at Trade Interchange, said: “The session was a great way of getting our valued customers to share knowledge and discuss how ARCUS® helps them manage their supply chains effectively.

“We’ve had some really positive feedback which will help us drive the development of the platform to meet the needs of users.

“It was also an exciting opportunity to show off the latest functionality within SIM, which will revolutionise the way businesses, particularly those in the food and drink sectors, manage different supply chain risks.”

SIM’s new plug-in functionality is designed to bring together procurement and technical teams within food and drink businesses. The plug-ins will help them collect critical product, manufacturing site and audit information from their suppliers, which will enable them to manage the relevant risk in a collaborative, transparent and streamlined process. This information is then stored centrally in the cloud and accessed by all key stakeholders.

Claire Ballantine, Global VP Policy, Process and Deployment at Sodexo, said: “It was so useful to meet other users at the Trade Interchange user group.

“We use ARCUS® across 22 countries at the moment so had a lot to share, and exchanging experiences and hearing how others use it has been of great benefit. It was also very useful to see the demos from Mike and be aware of the developments coming our way.”

11 of Trade Interchange’s users attended the group in London, from the foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, energy and publishing sectors.

To find out more about Trade Interchange, or ARCUS® SIM and its new plug-ins, email info@tradeinterchange.com, visit www.tradeinterchange.com or call 0333 3209 933.