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Bitcoin Casinos Popularity Soaring Like the Coin

Bitcoin has many advantages for casino play. It offers many workarounds that are impossible to achieve with conventional online casinos and often it comes with other bonuses such as instant payments.

Given the nature of Bitcoin with currency valuation rising, falling, rising, etc, it can add an additional bite to the game. For a good list of bitcoin casinos visit BestBitcoinCasinos as you can compare all the information in one place and make an informed choice.

Let’s take a closer look at why Bitcoin casino use is soaring like the coin.

Avoids Repressive Gambling Laws

Many countries have online gambling in their sights. New laws in many regions are coming down the track that puts pressure on big-name online casinos. Soon, they will have to implement laws that will in all probability not help those that need help but instead allow politicians to score political points.

Though there are issues with online gambling this is the extreme end of it and overall problems are not getting worse.

Nonetheless, politicians and the complicit media will soon be ramping up the pressure.

Thankfully, Bitcoin allows you to circumvent many of the repressive laws coming down the track. As the currency is borderless you can bypass restrictions your bank may be under to play your favorite games from overseas casinos. There can be no doubts that as the law bites Bitcoin casinos will be the only game in town.

Avoid Stigma

Despite gambling being more widespread from playing the Powerball to in-play markets, there is still a stigma about playing in a casino. Yes, it’s cool James Bond plays baccarat while quaffing a vodka martini shaken not stirred but it is not so cool when you do it.

Some can be pretty extreme about this believing you have a less than reputable character and that you may even have some kind of gambling problem.

Bitcoin provides more anonymity than paper currency by design and this carries through to the casino especially at the transaction level.

For information about how Bitcoin works visit Bitcoin.org as they have highly useful content to help you understand the cryptocurrency.

More Security

Hackers and scammers are clever ingenious people capable of hacking the most secure systems in the world. In fact, fighting cybercrime is an industry in of itself and bigger corporations use teams to repel attacks.

The simple fact is that if a casino gets hacked your credit card and or PayPal details are there. The bad guys are going to grab them and this causes all kinds of problems you simply don’t need.

Bitcoin with its private key system is far more secure than conventional currency. Consider using strong passwords for your private key and wallet and keep most of your coins in cold storage to make your security as tight as it can be.

Faster Payments

Bank transactions especially where borders are involved can take weeks. Bitcoin transaction processing time is considered long if it takes 24 hours. Normally, transactions are confirmed in the blockchain in a few minutes at the most.

If you’re using a reputable Bitcoin casino you should be able to deposit and withdraw winnings more or less instantly. This is a massive advantage over fiat currency casinos and gives online gamblers of all levels a massive advantage as well.

Less Fees

Bitcoin transaction fees are minuscule compared to the fees banks charge when conducting a transaction. The casino also isn’t hit with credit card commission fees when it takes a payment. This is a win-win scenario for both you the gambler and the online casino and is yet another reason to use a Bitcoin casino.

Perfect Currency

Bitcoin casinos are arguably the future of online gambling. The cryptocurrency was designed for online transactions and the digital world. They are more efficient and the transactions more transparent. Given that more stores and big brands are planning to accept Bitcoin as payment, it is not hard to envision a world where most of the world’s online transactions are conducted by Bitcoin or some form of cryptocurrency.

Choosing an Online Casino

It is important you make an informed choice when selecting an online casino. As a rule, go for reputable outlets with believable, genuine reviews. Most casinos are but you do not want to be caught out. Like most things in life if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Also, casinos cater to all levels of gambler but some are geared towards higher stakes. It is best to find one that is more accepting of your experience level so you can get the most of the casino.

There can be no doubt that Bitcoin is here to stay. Its doubters have been left behind, its advocates justified.

The feeling about Bitcoin is good and hopeful at the moment but it is more than just hope. The general feeling is that a sea change has come and now is a good time to get on board.

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