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Bitcoin on its lowest since the beginning of the bear market in 2018

Bitcoin is on track to have its worst quarter since the start of the bear market in 2018.

In the nearly 8 years since 2014, the current period is likewise on course to be the second worst in history for Bitcoin.

BTC has already dropped about 46 percent for the quarter, as stated by cryptocurrency data aggregator Skew, the lowest quarter since Quarter 1 in 2018 — when it lost nearly 50 percent of its worth in only 3 months during the aftermath of 2017’s all-time peaks.

Ever since the beginning of 2019, the 4th quarter has seen a decline in BTC’s value, with Bitcoin’s price dropping 10.6 percent in Quarter 1 of 2020, 13.6 percent in Quarter 4 of 2019, and 21.5 percent in Quarter 3 of 2019.

Market whales offloading Bitcoin

Institutional investors are continuing to unload BTC exposure for the 6th week in a row, as mentioned by CoinShares’ June 21st Digital Asset Fund Flows weekly update, with 89 million US Dollars in outflows from Bitcoin-tracking investment tools over 7 days.

 The other week, investors pulled 79 million US Dollars from cryptocurrency investment instruments, marking the third week in a row that the industry has seen outflows. Nevertheless, according to CoinShares, multi-asset products received 10 million US Dollars in inflows, followed by Polkadot (1.2 million US Dollars) and Ripple (800 000 US Dollars)

Banks aren’t the only ones decreasing their BTC exposure, as claimed by findings from Glassnode, an on-chain analytics service. OTC financial firms and miners are also unloading bitcoins.

As per Glassnode, OTC firms’ Bitcoin investments have plunged to their lowest level since March 2020, whilst miners have also been selling in over the last week due to China’s anti-mining action.

Not everybody is giving up, with Anthony Pompliano, a renowned BTC podcaster, tweeting to his approximately 1 million supporters that he is still earning BTC by USD cost averaging.

Pompliano characterizes himself as a horrific trader who is destined to lose, admitting that he has no idea where the value of BTC is heading in the immediate future, which is why the influencer highlights Bitcoin’s foreseeing prospects.

Long-term BTC investors with addresses that don’t sell the coins they acquire in the past — have dramatically boosted their reserves since Bitcoin started backtracking from its all-time peaks in April, as stated by Glassnode.

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