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Bow Hunting Accessories That Are A Must for Hunters

Whenever you plan on going hunting, first you have to make the decision on what weapon you plan on bringing and how many animals you plan on hunting. While a rifle might be great for knocking one target down quickly with a well-placed shot, the noise will scare away anything in the area, making it much harder to hunt multiple animals.

This is where a bow comes in. While they are much harder to use than a rifle with something like the Armasight Predator scope, their silence makes them perfect for hunting multiple targets in one go. As stated, bows are very difficult to use, however, there are many attachments out there that can make your experience that much easier.

Here are some bow hunting accessories that are a must for hunters.


One of the biggest downsides to using a bow is that the arrow drops much quicker than a bullet does. Therefore, you have to be able to compensate for this and know how to compensate as well. Any professionally made hunting bow will have markings to help you determine how the arrow is going to drop and where you need to aim based on the distance from your target.

The next problem you run into is determining how far away your target is, so you can aim accordingly. This is where a rangefinder comes into play. These are a must for bow hunters as they will tell you the exact distance your target is, allowing you to know where to aim as well. While some experts will be able to estimate distances easily, they still do not risk it and use a rangefinder to help them out.

Hunting is very delicate, and often you only get one shot at your target. If you miss, they run off into the woods, never to be seen again. Therefore, you have to guarantee that you are able to accurately land your shot on target by using a rangefinder. This accessory is a must-have for anyone looking to hunt with a bow.


Most bows come with an iron sight that can be used to help determine where the arrow is going to land. While these are helpful, they are most efficient in closer rangers, greatly losing accuracy over further distances. This is where custom optics come in. You can pick up a red dot optic or a scope and mount it on your bow allowing yourself to aim that much easier.

Be mindful of the combination, however, and ensure that the optic and bow can work well together over distances allowing you to easily hit your targets. By getting an optic, you will become one of the most precise hunters out there, landing arrows on your targets with ease. If you are looking to hunt with a bow, having an optic on your bow is mandatory to ensure that you do not miss it.

A Quiver

The ability to quickly load and fire arrows is what sets an expert hunter apart from an amateur hunter. In hunting situations, you have to be able to quickly fire off your next arrow, as the animal you are hunting might not go down with a single shot. They will look to escape and run away, forcing you to quickly land another arrow before they are gone.

This is where having a quiver is extremely important. There are two types of quivers to consider as a hunter. The first and more traditional one is a quiver on your back, allowing you to easily reach backwards, grab an arrow, and load it.

The more modern version of this is a bow quiver. There are many attachments that you can get that will allow you to put extra arrows onto a mount that goes onto your bow. This is incredibly easy to use and will allow you to quickly fire arrows off.

Once you have picked one up, ensure that you give yourself time to practice with it and master it. Any bowhunter should have a quiver either on their back or mounted on their bow.

You don’t want to come home from a big hunting weekend empty-handed. These attachments will help guarantee that if you spot something you want, you will be coming home with it.

While some of these attachments can be quite expensive, they are extremely valuable to any hunter and will have many uses for them. Always give yourself time to work with the accessories and attachments you have gotten, and don’t be afraid to spend some time at the range as well. What do you plan on hunting with your bow?

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