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‘Brangelina’ must shield kids from disputes, warns North East lawyer


Sep 15, 2016

DIVORCING couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie need to co-parent and shield their children from disputes, a North East legal expert has warned.

Divorce lawyer Natalia Lalas of EMG Solicitors in Durham believes parents need to focus on putting aside their personal feelings and issues and concentrate on helping protect their children whilst the divorce process is conducted.

Pitt and Jolie hit the headlines this week when it was revealed she had filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” and applying for physical custody of their six children

Natalia, who is ranked in the Legal 500 for her family law expertise, said the A-list couple’s high profile split will ring true with anyone who has been through a divorce, and advises that the children need to be considered throughout.

“Parents need to co-parent after divorce or separation,” she said  “It’s not easy but a way forward can be found perhaps with the assistance of Collaborative Law which enables the parents and their lawyers to meet together to try and reach an agreement.”

EMG Solicitors is a specialist in Collaborative Law, which gives couples a chance to meet, along with their legal representatives, to discuss the issues rather than face going to court.

Whilst various reports have claimed Jolie has pointed a finger at Pitt’s alleged bad parenting, these have been denied by the couple’s legal team. If issues cannot be resolved through negotiation then in such situations Natalia says, it may be necessary to involve the courts in which case assistance from a specialist solicitor is essential.

“If one parent has concerns that the other parent is putting the child at risk of harm or damaging their welfare then the parent can make an application to the court for the court to determine the arrangements for the children if negotiation fails,” she said.

“It’s also important to mention that the children should be shielded from any dispute between the parents if at all possible. In Angelina and Brad’s case, the kids will be exposed to their parent’s fighting and the allegations made by Angelina because of the global press coverage.

“This isn’t good for them. Whilst the parents’ relationship is over, the parents have to realise that their children’s relationship with the other parent will carry on.”

As well as family law, EMG Solicitors is widely regarded for its skill across a range of areas including conveyancing, Wills, trusts and probate and its Court of Protection work.

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By Emily