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Richmond School and Sixth Form College fielded two teams in the annual Greenpower Challenge.

They spent weeks designing and making two Green Goblin race cars – lightweight single-seaters powered by battery.

Students worked with engineers from Cummins to build and perfect their cars, which they put to the test in an endurance race at Croft Circuit.

Schools competed in the trial from across the country in an initiative to boost interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Richmond School and Sixth Form College DT teacher Tom Braham said: “The project touches on so many areas in a way that really engages students’ passion and interest in a variety of crucial subjects.

Year 8 student Abigail Jones
Year 8 student Abigail Jones
Richmond School and Sixth Form College’s race team
Richmond School and Sixth Form College’s race team

“As well as studying engineering, materials and aerodynamics, the contest also engenders teamwork, leadership and a sense of healthy competition.”

Boys’ team driver Angus Potter, 12, of Richmond, said: “I am really interested in engineering and would love a career in automotive design. I found the best driving technique was to go out wide then aim for the apex of each bend to keep up the car’s momentum.”

Driver of the girls’ team Abigail Jones, 12, of Richmond, added: “I loved being involved and can see myself working in engineering or motorsport. It gives what we learn in the classroom much more relevance in real life.”

The school was also supported by Cleveland Scientific Institute. Its life-long learning officer Leila Elliott said: “It is an excellent project because it is so good at interesting young people in important STEM subjects. We can’t thank enough the schools and sponsors such as Richmond and Cummins.”

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