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Business Consultancy Launches The Knowledge Exchange In Response To Coronavirus Challenges

A Matter of Choice has launched ‘The Knowledge Exchange’, a virtual platform to aid businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Twins and founders of nationwide consultancy A Matter of Choice, Karen Powell and Lesley Heath, hope to support organisations of all sizes and equip them with the resources they need to tackle current and future challenges.

The private group, accessible through Facebook, allows business leaders and their teams to access and share information with other members of the UK’s business community while making vital connections across multiple sectors and industries.

Karen said: “Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in light of the current situation with Coronavirus, with changes to the way that services are delivered to how workforces can operate. In situations such as this, it’s important to work together for the benefit of our wider community but also for our teams, who may be struggling to adapt to the current climate.

“We set up this platform to enable members of our nationwide network to interact and exchange valuable advice on all matter of subjects including practical elements such as operations, logistics, HR and finance, through to motivation, leadership and change management. It’s likely that the changes we’re making today will impact how we work in the future so we need to remain innovative and remember that processes and attitudes to management that have applied previously may no longer be relevant. The aim of this group is to help managers and business owners to lead with confidence and guide their teams with valuable support from others.”

The Knowledge Exchange will allow its community to cooperate with others to receive advice or to offer solutions for common issues through a number of means including the likes of webinars, one-to-one sessions, sharing resources, business introductions and more, in a safe space that operates without judgement.

Lesley said: “The Knowledge Exchange is built entirely on the ethos of community and the only profit to be gained is in the form of new ideas, advice and solutions that will enable businesses to continue, albeit a little differently, and come out stronger on the other side.

“As well as being a place where people can give and receive practical knowledge, it’s also a platform that we hope will offer some insight into more personal and behaviour-led challenges. With many now working in isolation, colleagues can feel a lack of connection to their co-workers and outside of a workplace context this is an incredibly emotional time for individuals who are experiencing feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and fatigue all of which can be detrimental for mental wellbeing. A key part of this group is to enable others to get the most out of their working hours and switch off at the end of the day.”

A Matter of Choice is a nationwide business consultancy founded in 2011. Delivering a range of programmes to a diverse portfolio of clients, Karen and Lesley were inspired to launch the company to empower and equip females within male-dominated corporate environments.

The Knowledge Exchange is open to members of the UK’s business community from business leaders through to their teams, with companies of all sizes, from all sectors, invited to become a part of the movement.

Request to become a member of The Knowledge Exchange here.

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