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Business Travel on a Budget: 5 Great Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs

ByDave Stopher

Nov 13, 2019 #Business

The ideal situation is to one day pilot your own jet and fly yourself to meetings on rooftops with your helicopter, maybe your business hasn’t made it there yet or you wish for a more economical way to succeed or prove to yourself that you have made it maybe your ideals are to be able to work less and earn a comfortable living that affords you the ability to travel or live on a tiny budget in a tiny house, could be that you are after a reasonable wage for you and your staff and have no aspirations toward showing off wealth, Like for instance;

  1. Track spending whilst travelling, this may appear to be a straight forward idea but it can always be overhauled, for example let’s say you have been travelling consistently somewhere for meetings and the trip is costing you a different amount each time? book ahead of time or is it an unusual expense that you have developed like a habitual food item that is more expensive in the airport than closer to home or if you are driving about are you snacking? expensive on both the waist line and the wallet.
  2. Holiday travel, there’s no reason for meetings to be scheduled over the weekend therefore there is no reason for you to travel over the weekend either. Midweek bookings are always cheaper and getting there late the night before can carry the ideal price. Scheduling meetings later in the day outside of airport rush hour will assist you in saving the money for what you need.
  3. How much is it worth, does your potential client seem disinterested in repeat business, you need to reassess whether it is beneficial to spend the extra now to get only your travel worth back or should you look for another client that will be there to help you grow rather than a quick buck, this is always hard to determine but worth taking into consideration.
  4. The interconnections, at first may seem cheap enough, Uber here then a taxi there but after around five or so trips like that you will find the expense busting your roof, leave earlier and grab public transport it’s a money saver and a good place to see the consumer, get into the headspace of the people you hope to work with. If it comes to shove and you need a car then book ahead and use a comparison site like Enjoy Car Hire to ensure you secure the deal for you.
  5. Make deals and deals, if you know you are going staying in a similar place why not contact the hotel or car service that you are using and see if you can make a deal on the price, this can also work with restaurants, let them know you’ll commit to bringing people there in turn they commit to giving you a discount.

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