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Buying a Second Hand Car – the Ultimate Car History Check


May 1, 2023

When buying a used cars in houston, it’s vitally important to ensure you’ve checked the authenticity of the vehicle. Indeed, while many people simply assume that their vehicle purchase will be okay, this isn’t always the case, so ensuring you’ve checked the authenticity of your car purchase is crucial. Fortunately, there are options you can consider in this regard and buying a used car might be just the strategy you need.

Buying a Used Car – the Ultimate Car History Check

When buying a used car, there’s always the risk that something may have gone wrong with it at some point in time. In accordance with this, you should always conduct a thorough car history check before buying the vehicle to make sure it’s a genuine sale.

A car history check is an incredibly quick and simple process. Simply enter the vehicle’s reg number, and you’ll be shown all of the key information you need to know, from the mileage of the vehicle to past MOT history and even whether the car has outstanding finance.

All of this information is crucial to ensure you’re purchasing a car that’s genuine. After all, in many cases, a used car can come with more problems than you might have realised when you purchased it. Knowing this at the outset can help you take the necessary steps with the sale.

How a Car History Check Can Help

A car history check can help inform your decision in several key ways. These include the following:

  • Ownership: A vehicle history check allows you to quickly see whether the seller is the genuine owner of the car. If there is any outstanding finance, the individual should not be selling the car on to you. If you do accidentally purchase a car with outstanding finance, you’ll become liable for the debt – meaning you effectively have to pay twice!
  • Mileage: It’s surprisingly easy for an individual to clock a car’s mileage – and this may not even be illegal. However, it becomes a crime if the seller fails to inform you at the time of sale that the car’s mileage has been changed. As such, checking the vehicle’s last known mileage can help increase the chances of an accurate mileage.
  • MOT history: Just because a car has passed its MOT doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be in good nick. In fact, past MOTs can raise warning bells about work that the vehicle may require in the upcoming year – helping you understand what it’s likely to cost you to get the car through its next MOT, too. 
  • Writeoffs: A car can be bought back after being written off – but buying such vehicles can be risky. Luckily, a thorough car history check can help you see whether this is the case for your vehicle or not.

Don’t Take the Risk

Buying a used car is a huge decision, but it’s also possible to end up with more baggage than you’d initially planned for. As such, doing a car history check to make sure that the vehicle is a genuine sale is crucial. 

And don’t forget – even an honest seller can accidentally end up selling a vehicle that isn’t suitable for sale. For example, they may have purchased the vehicle themselves without knowing it had previously been written off. So, don’t just leave this decision to chance; make sure you’ve considered some of the key things you need to know when buying a used car to help give you confidence in your purchase.

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