An energy company based in Northumberland that provides ‘hands off’ renewable solutions to UK businesses has been featured in this year’s Parliamentary Review of Energy.  Calibrate Energy Engineering is the only North Northumberland company to be included in this critical Government paper.  Immensely proud of achieving this recognition, they now have big plans to help more businesses in our region and further afield.

Calibrate Energy Engineering based in Chatton is a leading provider of ground source heatpump solutions.  These intelligent heatpumps harness the natural energy resources surrounding a building and use them to deliver low-cost, reliable heating and hot water.  Their award-winning technology is used successfully by many commercial, high energy users, from hotel complexes to student accommodation blocks and agricultural facilities including grain drying. The financial savings are impressive and immediate as for each kilowatt of energy used to run the heatpump, 3 – 4 kilowatts of energy are produced.

With 40% of CO2 emissions caused by the heating and cooling of our buildings, utilising environmentally-friendly energy has never been so important for securing our planet’s future.  In the UK, as well as many other areas of the developed world, there has been a massive increase in support for sustainable energy.

Shane and Susie McDonald founded Calibrate Energy Engineering having previously owned and operated a similar company in New Zealand.  They sold this successful business with 15 staff after 7 years of operation.  They’ve now focussed their keen business eyes on the North East, where many businesses are now set to reap the savings provided by their heatpump systems.  Hall Garth Hotel and Country Club in Darlington is receiving a 400% Return on Investment after having the cutting-edge system installed to provide hot water for rooms, radiators, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, as well as heating their pub and gym.

Director, Susie McDonald, says, “We are incredibly proud to be featured in the recent Parliamentary Review of the UK’s energy situation.  The review focusses on leading energy companies across the whole sector, from nuclear and fossil fuels to sustainable energy and electric car providers.  As a featured sustainable energy company, we hope this will pave the way for us to help more businesses save money and maximise their energy use. The North East is a region traditionally associated with fossil fuel production, so it seems a fitting location for companies involved in providing environmentally sound energy.  Our expert engineers, scientists and consultants are all very excited about the coming months.”

“As our planet’s natural resources dwindle due to population and industrial growth, we will all be increasingly seeking sustainable energy sources that can meet our requirements in a cost-effective way.  At Calibrate Energy Engineering we’re inviting all North-East businesses to play their part in protecting the environment and to start saving themselves money,” said Shane McDonald.