CaptureTenants facing financial stress are being reminded that they do not need to suffer in silence by three Durham landlords.

Following the success of a pre-Christmas campaign, County Durham Housing Group landlords – Dale & Valley Homes, Durham City Homes and East Durham Homes – are reviving their promotion around the importance of paying rent on time, and seeking help in the first instance if the going gets tough.

‘There’s no need to worry alone, take a deep breath and pick up the phone’ is one of many rental rhymes that will be targeted across 18,500 households to urge people to get in touch if they are under mounting pressures.

Using the strapline ‘Rent arrears can result in your worst fears’, the aim is to encourage people to talk to their landlord and not let eviction become a reality.

Liz Bradley, Neighbourhood Services Team Leader at Dale & Valley Homes, said: “Feeling the strain of making ends meet is nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s important that our customers realise that help is at hand.”

Durham City Homes’ Estates and Tenancy Manager, Carol Crathorne, agrees: “If managing the purse-strings is getting out of control, our staff are only at the other end of the phone and can advise on the support services available that can really make a difference in day-to-day life.”

Julie Dower, East Durham Homes’ Tenancy Support Manager, concluded: “It’s really important that if someone is struggling to pay their rent that they get in touch sooner rather than later.”

For help and support tenants can contact their local landlord:

  • Dale & Valley Homes: 0300 200 0194
  • Durham City Homes: 0800 068 0013
  • East Durham Homes: 0800 032 0835