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Can I buy a Slovenian vignette online?


Nov 8, 2022

E-Vignette has finally become available in Slovenia, which means that we all can take off those toll stickers from our car’s windscreens and opt for the much easier vignette bought online.

If you are curious about the costs, types, as well as where and how to get the e-vignette, then you have landed on the right article, as we will discuss those details here! Let’s get right into it.

When traveling by car in Slovenia, you will most probably use toll roads while going to explore the different parts of the country. You can find toll roads whether you’re traveling up the country or from Ljubljana to the shore.

People used to have a vignette sticker on the front windscreen to pay for these toll roads. But as of recently, Slovenia has recently started to provide electronic vignettes, making it simpler to buy tickets online.

What is an E-Vignette?

E-Vignette is the electronic equivalent of the ordinary vignette used in Europe. It is a novel method of paying for Slovenia’s toll roads for cars with a 3500 kg maximum weight limit.

In more basic terms, the e-vignette is an alternative to the classic sticker vignette placed on a windscreen.

When you purchase an e-vignette online, you won’t have to worry about showing vignette stickers and can just drive through all the roads in Slovenia, as long as the e-vignette is still valid.

How this works is basically through registering the e vignette to the vehicle’s license plate number. From this, cameras at toll plazas will verify your license plate number and check to see if you have an online vignette registration.

Once verified, you are good to go. It’s worth mentioning that everyone must be careful when entering the correct license plate number and origin and selecting the valid toll class for their vehicle. It is the driver’s or vehicle owner’s responsibility to make sure that the data provided is accurate. Otherwise, the toll will be unpaid.

The E-vignette will initiate in a few different phases. You can buy the annual and semi-annual vignettes starting in December 2021. Beginning in February 2022, e-vignettes will be released in monthly and weekly models.

Where can I buy an e-vignette for my vacation to Slovenia?

The e-vignette is still available at shops and gas stations in Slovenia, as well as in Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. You can purchase the e-vignette through this portal, and make sure to confirm your payment there before leaving. The e-vignette can be purchased up to 30 days before you plan to drive into Slovenia.

What is the best way for me to pay for the e-vignette?

You can only pay for e-vignettes in Euros and through a Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro debit and credit cards.  PayPal can also be used to purchase it online.

How can I buy an electronic vignette in Slovenia?

The e-vignette is accessible in five easy steps.

  •       Check out the online store.
  •       Choose the vignette type and vehicle toll class you want.
  •       Just enter your email address.
  •       Enter the vehicle’s license plate number and choose the start date.
  •       Make the payment and get a purchase confirmation.

What are the classifications of tolls and vignette types?


Slovenia has three toll classes, designated as classes 1, 2A, and 2B.

•      Class 1 toll.

Motorcycles and other single-track vehicles are included in the first toll class. Together these vehicles have tracks up to 50 centimeters wide, and you can use something like a measuring tape or a tailor meter for this measurement. 

•      Class 2A toll:

Maximum weight allowed is 3500 kg. The height above the front axle is 1.3 meters. This covers the majority of cars and minivans.

•      Toll class 2B:

Vehicles with a maximum allowable weight of 3500 kg and a height greater than 1.3 meters, such as the majority of light-duty vehicles and multipurpose trucks.

What are the e-vignette prices in Slovenia?

The answer to this question depends on two factors. First is the toll class that your vehicle will fall under, and the second is the duration of the vignette’s validity. Below you can see a list of prices for each toll class and validity duration.

   Annual    Monthly                           Weekly

Toll class 1 55 EUR                30 EUR (semi-annual)    7.5 EUR

Toll class 2A 110 EUR        30 EUR                         15 EUR

Toll class 2B 220 EUR        60 EUR                              30 EUR

Driving in Slovenia

Slovenia has a vast north/south and east/west highway system. This provides easier access to neighboring countries like Italy and Austria.

When it comes to the best mode of transportation, a car will be your best bet. Slovenia is a relatively small country, so if you want to explore as much as possible, a car will allow you to do so with maximum comfort.

A few driving rules in Slovenia

The earliest age required for driving in Slovenia is 18. You drive on the right-hand side of the road in Slovenia. And as with most developed countries, the use of safety belts is a must, and everyone is required to comply with this rule.

In addition to this, the traffic light system also follows the international red, green and amber light standards.

A key piece of advice we would give you is to regularly monitor the traffic reports while driving through Slovenia. This will help you avoid any busy roads or roads under construction.


Since there are significant consequences for driving without a vignette sticker on the highways, we strongly advise against taking the chance. A fine of EUR 300 to EUR 800 is imposed for using a motorway without a valid vignette or without paying the toll.

Slovenia Auto Insurance

All vehicles must have third-party liability insurance in Slovenia. The yearly cost of this insurance is determined by the kilowatts of the vehicle’s engine. If you can present a certificate from your prior insurance company(s) referring to your ten-year record of uninterrupted, safe driving, you may be eligible for a discount.


This brings us to the conclusion of this article. Here’s what you learned from it. An e-vignette is an online alternative to the traditional vignette (stickers), which can be purchased online. The prices of these e-vignettes depend on your vehicle’s toll class and the duration of validity.

You can choose from annual, semi-annual, monthly, or weekly vignettes according to your needs. Be advised that driving in Slovenia without a valid vignette or paying the toll will impose a penalty of EUR 300-800, so make sure you purchase a vignette online as soon as possible. 


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