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Can You Master This Manly Man Challenge?


Feb 19, 2018 #DIY, #fitness, #health

It can be difficult being a man these days. There are no dragons to slay or princesses to rescue, other than in video games. You don’t want to be a macho jerk but sometimes it can be nice to enjoy being a guy, beyond hanging out in a man cave. Why not test yourself with this manly challenge?

  1. Fix It

Nothing is manlier than being able to use a hammer or other tools. Unfortunately, too often we spend our days doing paperwork rather than getting our hands dirty. To take on this challenge, fix a toilet, reattach a wobbly shelf, or loosen up that sticky drawer. If you don’t know how to do these things on your own, check out videos online, buy a DIY book, or take a class. Change the oil in your vehicle or start out with baby steps by replacing your windshield wipers. You’ll get a feeling of accomplishment that’s different from what you receive at work.

2. Certify It

Maybe you have a number of hobbies or sports interests. The problem is there is generally no milestones to show your accomplishments. That’s why certification can be so important. Take your fitness bragging rights to the next level by getting your martial arts instructor certification. Formalize your love of the ocean with a SCUBA diving certification or learn how to sail and get your pilot’s license. No longer will you be just another person with an interest. You can be a certified expert in your own right.

3. Kill It

Hey, we’re not violent but sometimes you need to step up and deal with the really scary threats to your family. Give yourself for accomplishing this challenge item if you’ve saved a loved one or your house from a roach, mouse, or other creepy critter.  

4. Grill It

Ah! Man! Fire! There is something primal about harnessing the power of fire to cook food. Crank up the grill and let your inner caveman go.

5. Build It

Most of our jobs result in accomplishments but there is a completely different feeling when our accomplishments create something we can use daily. It’s time to get out your tool box and build something of your own. Construct a bookcase or build a footstool.  

6. Grow It

When you think of manly you think of….manly hair. That’s right. Grow a beard or moustache to let your inner dude flag fly. If you aren’t a facial hair all the time type of guy, consider just growing a moustache for Movember. This annual event in November raises awareness and funding for men’s health issues. Grow a ‘stache to do your part.  

7. Hoof It

Does dancing not seem manly to you? Then you’re wrong. Forget hiphop and modern dance styles if that isn’t your thing. Focus on more traditional dance moves. Imagine taking the woman in your life (or women!) into your arms and spinning her around the dance floor. This is the reason why so many male leads in moves are shown as being both men of action and of the dance floor. Sign up for a class and you’ll be the manly hit of every company party and wedding from now on.

8. Play It

If you don’t play a sport, now is the time to try. It doesn’t have to be full-contact like rugby. Throw a frisbee, practice your bocce ball skills, or try surfing.

9. Visit It

What’s manly? Conquering new lands! Add to your mastery of the world by traveling to new places. You don’t have to climb mountains to have great adventures to enjoy and amazing stories to tell later.    

10. Hug It

Remember, being manly also means being strong enough to show you care. Hug the people in your life and tell them how much you care. It is manlier to be able to discuss your concerns than to keep them all bottled up inside. Sometimes the best way to show how strong you are, is by being willing to show a little vulnerability.

Give yourself one point for each item you accomplish on this list and 100 points for completing them all.

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