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Car rental Netherlands: there is no better transport mode

Are you considering to travel to The Netherlands? That makes sense! Its rich history and culture make it attractive to tourists around the world. With the canals in Amsterdam to the innovative sky scrapers in Rotterdam, there is something for anyone. However, if you want to travel you do need to choose your transport mode. What is it going to be? If you travel by airplane, you need a mode to get to your final destination. Although there are many options out there, car rental Netherlands is the preferred option. Here’s why!

Public transport: delays with a price tag

Among the local population the public transport is not that appreciated. Although the country operates the most intensively used rail network of Europe, it does not come with Japanese-style efficiency. Lots of trains get delayed, making it a standard joke to make with people that use the train. Do you think public transport will then come cheap? Think twice! The price tag of traveling by train is quite high. This makes it an unfavourable method for many locals and tourists.

Would taxis offer a good proposition?

Taxis are a travel method that is a favourite among tourists. Conveniently travelling from A to B with minimum hassle. In The Netherlands you can expect that this convenience comes with a hefty price tag. A cab from the airport to the city center of Amsterdam easily costs more than 60 euros. Do you think it is worth it? Then you should hop in and go. The ride takes 15 to 20 minutes, just to give some perspective.

What about car rental Netherlands

Renting a car in The Netherlands is relatively cheap compared to a taxi. For the same price as the taxi mentioned above, you can rent a car for multiple days. Yes, that does include insurance and other fees. This makes it a preferred option among tourists that come to the country looking for a favourable transport mode.

Go to difficult to reach locations

When you travel by public transport, you can easily go from city to city. However, if you want to travel to more remote areas, it makes sense to get a car. When you go by public transport, it requires multiple transfers which will result in more travel time.

Traveling to Amsterdam?

Are you visiting The Netherlands by traveling from Amsterdam? Lucky you! This airport has attractive airplane ticket prices and the costs of Car Rental Schiphol are significantly lower compared to rental fees in Holland. This makes it an attractive option. This especially holds true if you want to travel to other countries in Europe as well. For example, Belgium and Germany are around the corner, making it easy to travel.

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