In today’s world, having a Bachelor’s degree alone doesn’t just cut it anymore if you want to pursue a meaningful career in your chosen field.

Although a master’s degree isn’t necessary to land a job in construction, gone are the days when all you need is on hand experience to make a successful career in the construction industry. As employers’ and clients’ needs become more complex, the demand for highly qualified individuals has also increased as well.

If you have been wondering what you can do with an online construction management master’s degree, then you are in the right place. However, first things first, what is an Online Construction Management Degree?

What Is an Online Construction Management Degree?

Thanks to advancements in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and technology, you no longer need to be inside the four walls of the classroom to earn a master’s degree in construction management. You can now participate in courses, take exams, and get a degree online.

An online construction management degree prepares students for senior positions in construction, project management, and engineering. It also equips students with advanced leadership, budgeting, and management skills needed for taking on complex and demanding projects.

Consequently, getting an online master’s degree can give holders a competitive edge over peers when applying for jobs, leadership, and management positions.

5 Career Opportunities For Construction Management Master’s Degree Holders

  1. Project Manager: Project management is a significant part of the construction industry and it is a leadership position that might require an advanced degree. Construction workers with master’s degrees are in a better place to apply for this job because they’ve been exposed to the best practices for sustainable building initiatives in the construction industry, such as recycling, best environmental practices, energy conservation, etc.

Besides, a Master’s degree can also equip you with necessary project management skills such as time management, risk management, scheduling, cost management, critical thinking, among others.

  1. Contract Manager: There is also an opportunity to pursue a career as a contract manager with an online master’s degree in construction management. A contract manager helps the firm in getting new clients and maintaining a balanced professional relationship with existing clients.

They are also in charge of creating and designing contracts for both new and existing clients. A contract manager needs communication, high organizational and critical skills to effectively handle the demand of working multiple contract projects at the same time. An online master’s degree in construction management can train any individual to have these skills and be successful as a contract manager.

  1. Construction Estimator:  As a master’s degree holder in construction management, you can apply for a construction estimator position. An estimator assists in the construction and project manager by calculating the financial aspects of a project or calculating the cost of future projects. These may include staffing costs, cost of equipment, design, etc.

Although a master’s degree might not be necessary to land an estimator’s job, it could give a competitive advantage and also help prepare for leadership roles.

  1. Field Engineer: The Field Engineer is responsible for overseeing the physical construction of specific projects. He/she is also in charge of managing and supervising physical labor and making sure that all activities follow regulations and environmental guidelines.

A master’s degree is usually not necessary at entry-level; however, a person with a master’s degree may have a higher consideration for a leadership role in this position.

  1. Project Schedule:  A project scheduler creates the timeline, and manages the different phases of the project. It is more of a time management position and requires analytical and organizational skills to handle. In cases of emergencies or change, they are tasked with examining different courses of action and effecting change where necessary. Professionals with a master’s degree in construction management usually have an advantage over other applicants for this position as they have been trained to have the required analytical and organizational skills for this position.

Benefits of An Online Construction Management Master’s Degree

There are several things you stand to gain when you earn an online master’s degree in construction management, some of which include:

  • Job Stability: Construction Management is one of the most stable jobs in the industry according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, it is projected that there will be about an 11% increase in job growth for construction managers by 2026.
  • Good Salary: Everyone wants a job that pays well, and one of the industries that pay its high-level workers well is the construction industry. With a master’s degree, you can easily land a senior position and earn an above-average salary. For instance, the average annual pay of a construction manager is $93,370, according to the United States of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Competitive Edge: Earning an online construction Management Master’s degree gives you a competitive edge over peers. You can easily take on leadership and actives roles because you already have the knowledge and skills required for them. There are also opportunities to go for top executives’ positions such as CEO and General Operations Manager.
  • Career Advancement: There is a higher chance of advancing your career with a master’s degree than without one.
  • Expand your Knowledge Base: Apart from securing a higher paying job, a master’s degree in construction management also gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the industry. It also opens you to the current trends and ideas that can transform the way you work and ultimately help you become a more efficient worker.


There are different career opportunities open to students with an online master’s degree in construction management, as outlined above. Whichever you decide to go with, a master’s degree equips with the necessary skills and knowledge to take on active, technical, and leadership roles on all types of construction projects.