Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification exam is one of the most famous and popular Cisco’s Expert level certifications. People who get this certificate earn over 100k USD/year in many countries. This is an advanced level Computer Networking exam and it is 8 hours of the hands-on, practical lab-based exam. You don’t need to be an Engineer, you don’t need to get Ph.D. for attending this certificate. All you need to do is the right study and perhaps good certification training. We recommend you to click here about ccie enterprise infrastructure course details.

Some Evolving Technologies in Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam

For many years, Network engineers for the advanced level Routing and Switching exams used to learn IGP protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, and EIGRP, BGP, Multicast for IP and MPLS, Quality of Service for IP and MPLS, MPLS VPNs, Network Services, Network Management type of technologies and the protocols.

In recent years, with the Software Defined Networking, especially for the Wide Area Networks, SD-WAN and Campus Networks, SDA- Software-Defined Acess technologies, Network Programmability and Network Automation, Internet Of Things, Cloud Networking, real networks and certification exams landscape changed.

Now Network Engineers without knowing these emerging technologies hardly find a job in the market, and almost any certification exams include these technologies at some level. Eventually everyone works for a good job and respect, it doesn’t come without knowledge.

CCIE Enterprise Exam as an advanced level network operation exam requires candidates to understand the deployment, troubleshooting, and operate these evolving technology solutions, in addition to the traditional networking skillset.

Not every company provides Network Automation, and Programmability in their CCIE Enterprise Training

We realized that not every company covers the Network Automation and Programmability topics in their CCIE Enterprise Training offerings.

Those who offer Network Automation and Programmability don’t cover each and every topic of the CCIE Enterprise exam blueprint but some basic Python, Netconf, and even without API knowledge or examples, they offer CCNA level automation knowledge.

This definitely doesn’t help students in the exam, and most of that knowledge easily can be found on Youtube or in other free resources.

Also, not but not least, CCIE Enterprise Training requires collaboration with the other Network Engineers. You can’t just study alone without any help from other people. When you need to ask questions, you should easily reach out to the Instructors and you should be able to discuss with the other CCIEs or with other CCIE-level people.