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Cedrec_sales_graduate_logoNorth East legislation analysts Cedrec is set to accelerate its growth by adding to its subscription family with the launch of Cedrec Planning.

The new system, which interprets planning law, will be launched on 5 November 2015, to coincide with World Town Planning Day.

The service from Sunderland-based Cedrec is aimed at businesses and organisations such as planning consultants, construction companies, house builders or even local authorities – that must navigate through the minefield of planning legislation and the numerous amendments and reformations.

To promote property development, the Government recently made several changes to planning laws, most notably the introduction of Localism in 2011 and the Housing and Planning Bill. Understanding the law better and having quick access to the most current legislation and guidance could avoid costly delays in the planning application process.

The new planning product offers an easy to access, plain English package that simplifies the legislation underpinning the planning system in England and Wales, covering areas around buildings and land, applications and appeals, development control and conservation.

For an extra level of support, the service will link customers with relevant guidance documents, from the National Planning Policy Framework to planning circulars, and keep them up-to-date with any changes in planning law.

Cedrec Planning has been developed primarily by Steven Pearson, who has been part of company’s authoring team since 2011 and has extensive knowledge of the planning sector.

Neil Howe, senior legal author at Cedrec, said: “Discussions with existing clients and our experience with environmental and safety law led us to identify a gap in the market surrounding planning legislation. Wherever there is legislation, there is always room for simplification.

“It’s always exciting to launch a new product, even after 20 years. We’re delighted to finally add planning to our family and is it’s the perfect opportunity to diversify and expand the subscriptions we offer, allowing us to help more people and organisations understand legislation.

“Our new service can offer help and support on issues as varied as whether a new business extension requires planning permission or clarification on the difference between a scoping opinion and a screening opinion.

“Steven’s planning background and expertise, and our relationship with Newcastle University and their accredited Town Planning department, allows us to bring in the right people to produce a comprehensive, plain English system covering the complex planning system in England and Wales.”

For more information, please visit www.cedrec.com

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