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Choose your casting design with the Investment Casting Process.

ByDave Stopher

Oct 17, 2021 #Business

Design criteria, pricing, and manufacturing feasibility all play a role in determining which casting technique is best for a given product. This essay about investment casting will assist you in making an informed casting selection.

Investment casting creates exact components with the least amount of waste, energy, and subsequent machining. It may also guarantee the manufacture of highly complex parts. As a result, design engineers will find the investment casting method quite valuable.

Understanding the Process

  • Pattern Creation

It uses a pattern with the same features as the completed item, except for a thermal expansion allowance (i.e., shrinking).

Wax patterns are often created with a metal injection die.

  • Mounting the Wax Pattern

The gate and runner metal delivery system is formed by assembling a wax design with other wax components.

Multiple wax patterns can be processed using a single tree, depending on the size and configuration of the required finish component.

  • Mould Shell

The complete wax pattern assembly is submerged in a ceramic slurry, then coated with sand stucco and dried.

Wet dipping and subsequent stuccoing cycles are continued until the appropriate thickness of the shell is achieved. The thickness of the product is determined in part by its size and arrangement.

After drying, the ceramic shell becomes robust enough to hold the molten metal during casting.

  • Wax Removal

To melt away the majority of the wax, the complete assembly is put in a steam autoclave.

In a furnace, any leftover wax absorbed into the ceramic shell is burnt off. The remaining wax pattern and gating material have been entirely removed at this step, leaving a void in the shape of the required cast item in the ceramic mould.

  • Melt and Cast

The metal casting is made by heating a mould to a specific temperature and filling it with molten metal.

Almost any alloy may be made using this method. Depending on the alloy chemistry, either air or vacuum melting can be used. When reactive components are included in the alloy, vacuum melting is used.

  • Final Operations

In a knockout operation, the mould shell is ripped away from the casting once it has cooled sufficiently. The gates and runners are cut from the casting, then sandblasting, grinding, and machining are used to complete the casting dimensionally if necessary.

Fluorescent penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography, and other examinations are examples of non-destructive testing.

Advantages of Investment Casting

Ranges Of Size

The investment method may generate castings weighing more than 1,000 pounds, even though most investment castings are tiny. This functionality is only available to a small number of investment casters and needs unique handling skills. The majority of cast pieces weigh between a few ounces and twenty pounds.

Versatile Pattern

Weldments and fabrication are both viable options, but investment casting is a solid alternative. A single casting might have a variety of components. The greater the number of features integrated, the higher the production efficiency. Converting multi-piece components to a single investment casting usually improves dimensional accuracy and reduces part complexity.


Casting integrity is a crucial aspect of the procedure. Investment casting has a long history of supporting high-demand industries, including gas turbine engines, petroleum, chemical, defense, and medical devices.

When To Choose This Process

  • Cost of Tools
  • Limitations of size
  • Small Structures
  • Timing


This piece of writing generally describes the foundry process of investment casting as this article was only for informational purposes.

To get detailed information about the process and other variables, talking with a metal expert or procedure expert is required.

Cirex is one of the oldest foundries and has expertise in investment casting.

Visit their website to get additional information today!

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