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Christmas Gifts for Adventure Lovers


Nov 25, 2019 ##retail

If someone has been bitten by the travel bug, there aren’t many gifts that you can buy them that will whet their appetite for adventure; after all, all they really want is flights to some exotic part of the world. You might not be able to buy them a trip diving in Fiji or cycling around Amsterdam, but there are gifts that can help evoke precious memories, transporting them back to that Fijian island or coffee shop without taking a single step.

Check out our list of gifts that will make a perfect Christmas gift for men and women who love to explore the world.


You might not be able to get your travel-obsessed friend the trip of a lifetime that they crave, but you can find out which country and food they love the most and help them to recreate it. Nothing evokes memories of a holiday than recreating the food at home. It is incredible how, with the right recipe, a curry can instantly transport you from cold, rainy England to the blistering heat of India, balmy Spanish days, or sultry Greek evenings. There are some great authentic food kits and recipe books available that will help you to create the perfect recipe. A spice mix is a fantastic Christmas gift for someone with wanderlust; or a high-end recipe book can help you to hit all of the right culinary notes. If they love Asia, Rick Stein’s book helps you to perfectly capture the delicate spice balances for an array of countries; once you have cracked the recipe, it is like eating sunshine.


Alongside food, drinks have the remarkable ability to conjure memories of happy holidays. Just one sip of a Bloody Mary can instantly invoke the excited anticipation of going on holiday; a sip of ice-cold beer puts you in a bar in Spain; a glass of limoncello will see you relaxed and satiated after a long day in the Italian sun and a delicious evening meal. Perishable gifts are a great idea as they will definitely be enjoyed to the max and don’t incur waste. So, why not find the drink or the ingredients and make up a special “holiday night out” hamper, complete with garnish?

Personalised gift

A person’s travels are much more than a holiday; they map the progression of a lifetime, influence tastes, interests and cultural knowledge. For some, a trip could be lifechanging. Whether you know someone who has trekked the outer regions of Peru, or who prefers a quiet resort in Portugal, each trip, location and experience will have shaped that person in some way. So, what better than to have a way of marking the importance of some of those locations? These Christmas Decorations are not just for Christmas; they make a perfect gift but, if hung stylishly, will look beautiful throughout the year. Pick a location, pick a moment, a memory, a message, and immortalise it. Just perfect.

You don’t have to travel for miles to make memories. With more and more people choosing to holiday in the UK rather than travel abroad, some North East locations are becoming popular hotspots for tourists. Whether it’s the Yasawa Islands or Yorkshire, it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with, and what you do when you get there.

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