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Cleaner Environments Equates to a Better Bottom Line


Apr 8, 2019

Research shows that if you have a clean workplace environment staff perform better. They are also at work more often because bacteria and germ build-up is reduced. If you consider that there are around 7500 species of bacteria in the average keyboard you begin to see the pieces of the puzzle making sense.

As such, it is a good idea to ensure you use a professional cleaning company to come in and make everything spick and span. It is a good idea to go for a reputable company to do this such as Gccfm.com as they have a solid reputation and employ local people.

The cleaner your work environment is the better staff perform. Scuzzy workplaces generally lead to scuzzy performance levels.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Encouraging your employees to eat healthily is good practice. A few courses on what makes for a good diet and perhaps offer free fruit at work. Although not everyone is going to pay attention, the ones that do are going to be at their desks more than the ones that are not. By offering this advice you are showing that you care about their well being and they are not just numbers that are there to do a job.

Offer Mental Health and Stress Advice

With mental health issues on the rise and the HSE stating that over a half million people went off sick with stress-related illnesses in 2017, it is important that you monitor this among your teams to ensure that nobody is about to work themselves ill.

There are a number of ways you can help your staff avoid these issues. Offer counselling and maybe offer a medical once a year to catch and address issues before they become problems.

Listen to your Staff

Often staff can feel dejected if they feel ignored or their ideas are constantly rejected. As a team leader, it is up to you to ensure they understand that they are valued. It can be a tricky balancing act as you have to put the business first, but if you encourage staff to brainstorm and come up with better and more efficient working practices then you will see better staff retention and better productivity.

It is also important that you stop disruptive and damaging influence among the team. This can lead to severe productivity loss and staff retention problems. If you feel blamestorming is occurring it is time to get tough, get to the root of the problem and take action against those that have something to hide or are trying to be disruptive.

Keeping your work environment healthy will lead to better more agile teams who are more productive.

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