Summary – High-quality feather flags can do wonders for local store owners in terms of attracting customers. Business owners need to find ways to make these items last longer.

A feather flag is the cheapest yet one of the most effective advertising tools in the market. They can be customized to be colorful, attractive, and eye-catching to attract hundreds of customers to businesses, shops, and companies every day. However, these flags tend to get dirty as they’re constantly exposed to external elements. Business owners must keep them tidy by learning how to clean and maintain them properly. A useful quality of these flags is that they can be reused many times. Plus, this marketing tool is just like any other investment that needs to be protected. Here’s a guide to cleaning these valuable marketing materials –

Being a Smart Owner

Your marketing signs or materials serve as the first points of contact with target customers. Two out of three consumers report leaving the stores they find dirty or unorganized. Now imagine what a dirty feather flag will make your target customer feel! That’s why smart owners see the maintenance of their marketing materials, especially the reusable ones, as small but significant investments in their businesses. A smart decision is to place these flags in appropriate locations. For instance, having a policy that mandates store workers to protect the flags from exposure to rain, snow, or high winds can considerably increase their lifespans.

If the flags do get exposed to harsh weather conditions, they need to be spread out, washed, and dried completely. Avoid placing these flags in places where winds may whip them against harsh surfaces (near wires, tree branches, cables, etc.). Always lookout for signs of normal and weather-related wear and tear on the flags. If a flag needs a small stitch, act fast. Don’t let potential customers see shabby-looking flags!

What are the Threats?

The most common threats that feather flags and banners face when placed outdoors for extended periods include –

  • Air Pollution – Smoke from cars, dust, and other air pollutants that dominate urban skies can cause significant surface damage to these flags.
  • Sunlight – 24X7 exposure to these flags causes them to fade. So, business owners must have a collection of these flags. They can then rotate them from time to time, bringing some indoors for storage every day.
  • Weather – Lastly, inclement weather, rain, in particular, can cause these flags to wear, tear, and erode the flags’ protective laminate coatings.

Setting Up a Cleaning Arsenal

The best part about feather banners and flags is they need very low-effort cleaning to stay intact for several years. Your ‘cleaning arsenal’ should consist of simple cleaning tools and agents like –

  • Mild cleaning agents
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Sponges

Avoid using expensive chemical cleaning agents like bleach or acetone-laced products as they can harm the flags’ design elements.

Cleaning the Flags

The flags can be cleaned, and their vinyl graphics can be preserved easily if users follow these steps –

  • Dry and smoothen the flags using steamers.
  • Mix soap and warm water.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or sponges to gently wipe the flags.
  • Go for a second round of wiping to eliminate any dirty soap water.
  • Dry the flags using towels or sponges.
  • Store them in dry and clean places.

These processes take less than ten minutes but add ten years of life to the flags!