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Ian Lamming hits the road in the new Suzuki S-Cross

If you’ve never travelled up the west coast of Cumbria you have missed a treat.

Sea on one side, mountains on the other and away from the crowds of the Lake District. If you are a driver, then the A595 is a really good road as it twists and turns its merry way north, or south if you are coming back. If you fancy a great round-trip then head inland towards Cockermouth and you can travel right through the Lakes.

It’s the sort of circular that demands a great driver’s car, you know the sort of thing. And today? I’m in a Suzuki. But you know what? I’m happy.

The sun is shining, the roads are clear and this is the brand new S-Cross which is doing a fine and splendid job.

There’s just something personable about Suzukis. They are not flash or fancy but they are utterly trustworthy and get the job done and in this instant that equates to being a great drive.

S-Cross is a reasonably sized SUV with clean-cut looks and a new bold front and back end. It looks much better than the model it replaces and the trendy day-running lights set off the big grille nicely. The back is tidy too thanks to lights that stretch across the rear hatch and the whole vehicle is well-proportioned and smartly packaged. Big tick for aesthetics then.

The willing motor is a well-proven 1.4 litre turbo with a 48V mild hybrid to give it that extra oomph. No need to worry about recharging, this technology does that itself. The almost 130PS is more than enough to give it real go, with great overtaking ability and the capacity to cruise well at the legal limits. It’s also economical and 52mpg on the trip computer is easy enough to achieve.

S-Cross handles well too with excellent ride and grip aided by its all-wheel-drive. That will make it a real boon in winter. Steering is well-weighted and very precise and the whole package is a lot of fun to drive. There’s also the comfort of knowing there’s a shed load of safety tech under the skin to keep harm at bay.

Inside is equally impressive. The clocks and dash are clear and concise with a useful touchscreen but knobs and buttons are retained for the important features, which suits me better. Space is generous, seats are comfortable and trim good quality.

Specification is also high, particularly on the top of the range Ultra. There’s a huge sunroof, satnav, infotainment, 360 degree camera, cruise control, steering wheel controls and LED lights to name a few.

I’ve never met a Suzuki I didn’t like and the new S-Cross is no exception. It is smart to look at, well specified and keenly priced. It will cosset when you are tired and have a long way to go and entertain when the road opens up before you. It’s as happy in town as it is on the motorway and when you are on the A595 in Cumbria it will reward you with entertaining dynamics. What a treat.

Fact File
Suzuki S-Cross Ultra Allgrip
Engine: 1.4T four-cylinder petrol mild hybrid
Power: 129PS
0-62mph: 10.2secs
Top speed: 121mph
Combined MPG: 46.3
Transmission: automatic
CO2 g/km: 139
Price: £31,149.00

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