Judith 054-retouched (1024x683)Gateshead College principal Judith Doyle said: “Anything that encourages the creation of meaningful and added value apprenticeships has to be seen as a step in the right direction, so we cautiously welcome this move.


“There are skills shortages in the North East, which is why initiatives like this and a commitment to a long term investment, will help to deliver meaningful and relevant apprenticeships.


“This will ensure our young people gain the workforce training and skills local employers and industry require and demand.

“This includes equipping them with the entrepreneurial knowledge and training that will stand them in good stead for a successful career, providing that all important edge that organisations look for in an employee.”


Gateshead College is in the top 10% of apprenticeship providers in England for a third year in a row. Eighty percent of the college’s 1,421 apprentice learners completed their courses during the academic year 2013/14, which was considerably higher than the national average of 70%.