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Common mistakes while designing your child’s room

ByDave Stopher

Oct 13, 2021 #life

Many parents really enjoy planning their child’s room. It gives them an opportunity to play with colours, patterns, and all those cute and pretty decorations that fill the children’s sections of home decor stores. But as much as it is enjoyable, designing a room that’s in equal parts functional, comfortable and beautiful can actually be quite difficult. It’s simply not enough to fill the available space with furniture, toys and trendy decor. So what are the most common mistakes you should avoid making? 

Mistake #1: Losing money on short-term solutions 

It’s a very common pattern. There’s a character or an animated series that your child absolutely adores, so you do your best to decorate their room with this theme. And you can be sure that the market is brimming with children’s movie-themed decorations, which can include everything from blankets, carpets, bedding sets, wall stickers, and even furniture pieces. But then, suddenly, there’s a new character, a new movie or game that steals the spotlight, and you’re left with decor that’s no longer in tune with your child’s interests. In short, in order to avoid having to redecorate the room every few months, go with a more neutral base. And if you really want to add themed accessories, choose smaller mobile items that you can easily replace. 

Mistake #2: Choosing style over functionality 

Manufacturers are constantly racing each other in order to create products that customers will love and spend their money on. As a result, we can enjoy a great variety of furniture, toys and decorative trinkets in all possible colours, shapes, and sizes. But don’t let yourself be blinded by colourful packaging and trendy designs! Just because something looks beautiful doesn’t mean it’s going to be practical in everyday life. Make sure that everything you’re spending your hard-earned money on is actually useful and functional. Otherwise, you may end up with uncomfortable beds and chairs, fabrics that are difficult to clean or impractical storage options. 

Mistake #3: Leaving no space to play 

Ask yourself a simple question: What is the one thing that your child enjoys the most? The answer is the same the world over. All children love to play. that’s why it’s crucial to add a play space to the room’s layout. Instead of filling every available bit of floor space with furniture, try to free up as much space as possible and give your child dree rein to play and explore new hobbies. And the good news is that there are many furniture pieces designed with smaller rooms in mind that can help you ensure functionality without taking up too much space. Take a trundle bed as an example. At first glance, it looks like a standard single bed, but there’s another bed hidden underneath it! It’s a great solution for small rooms for siblings. You can simply pull out the second mattress so that each child has their own comfortable bed to sleep in and hide it in the morning to give them more space to play! 

Of course, the mistakes mentioned above are just examples and are far from the only ones you should be wary of. Other issues that may end up causing problems include: not ensuring enough storage options, blindly following trends instead of focusing on your child’s needs, choosing savings over comfort and underestimating the importance of good lighting. By keeping such things in mind, you can easily create an impressive, long-lasting and functional design. 

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