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Common Repairs around the Home


Apr 15, 2021

If you own your own home, then you’ll need to be constantly addressing faults that might develop with it. In some cases, these faults can be minor aesthetic blemishes that can be safely ignored, if only for a time. In other cases, the faults can be serious, and require urgent attention.

Should I Consider Finance?

Some issues around the home require urgent attention. Whether it’s a damaged roof, faulty boiler or an electrical problem, leaving them to get worse could mean an even more expensive bill further down the line. While it’s important to stop a problem, and repair bill, from getting worse, you may not be able to pay for repairs upfront. This is where spreading the cost can help.

If you don’t have the highest credit score, this is no reason to worry. You may be able to take out a bad credit loan to cover the repairs. Affordability checks in the application process will help the lender to understand if the payments will fit into your budget.

Let’s take a look at a few of the problems you might encounter and consider how we might deal with them.

Water Marks

A water mark on your ceiling indicates that there’s a leak above it. This might mean that a roof tile has blown loose, or that there’s a leaking pipe running overhead. If you know exactly where the pipes are running in your property, then you’ll be better equipped to diagnose the problem. Set up a bucket to catch the drips, and get someone in to fix things.

Cracks in Foundations

A crack in the foundations can be a big problem in the long-term. If water is allowed to penetrate the crack during winter, it’ll expand as it freezes, gradually prising apart the foundations and creating a serious problem for you and future homeowners. Get it sorted by a reputable professional, as soon as possible.

Dripping Taps

If you’re hearing an irritating drip whenever you pass by the bathroom, then you could be losing money in the long-run. The more frequent the drips, the more expensive the leak will be. In many cases, you can fix this kind of problem yourself by clambering beneath the sink.

Pests in the House

Rats, mice and cockroaches in the house can add up to a significant problem, especially if you’ve got a view to selling the property in the future. A professional exterminator might be able to fix the problem, but you might lay traps in the affected areas – or better yet, recruit a well-motivated cat.

Boiler trouble

Boilers are intricate devices comprised of a number of moving parts. Getting them serviced annually will reduce the likelihood of a breakdown – and often, it’s a condition of the warranty. By having your boiler checked regularly, signs of major problems can be spotted before they occur – enabling you to have cheaper repairs taken out.

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