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ByDave Stopher

Oct 1, 2019 #Golf, #Motoring
  • 24 October 2019: three days to go until the global debut of the eighth Golf generation
  • The Golf Mk5 sets standards in terms of comfort, dynamics and quality
  • New body variants enhance the Golf’s range

Wolfsburg (D) – This was the Golf generation offering comfort and dynamics that went beyond those of quite a number of competitors within the upper mid-sized vehicle class. The same rang true for quality. A value that underlines the stability of the laser-welded body is that its torsional rigidity had increased by 35 percent in 2003 upon the debut of the Golf Mk5. This also marked the first time that the Golf was optionally available with side airbags in the rear – in conjunction with the standard airbags (front, sides at the front, head-protection airbag) this now meant that eight of these protecting, inflatable pads were on board the vehicle.

In terms of comfort and dynamics the Golf Mk5 scored high marks thanks to features including the new four-link suspension rear axle and a new 7-speed DSG, bi-xenon headlights, rain sensor as well as a tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, plus the debut of the first turbocharged direct petrol injection engine in the Golf GTI (2004) as well as the world’s first Twincharger (TSI, 2006) featuring turbocharging and compressor-based charging. At the same time, the product line became relevant to an even wider range of drivers thanks to new body variants: the Golf Plus made its debut in 2006, the CrossGolf, a new Variant and the Golf BlueMotion premiered in 2007, the latter of which set a benchmark with an average consumption of just 4.5 l/100 km. In March 2007 the Golf celebrated a major milestone: 25 million units had been produced since 1974. When the Golf Mk6 was subsequently introduced in 2008, 3.4 million units of all available Mk5 variants had been produced.

Golf Mk5 annual figures

2003 Laser-welded doors, underbody, roof seam, side panels
2003 Multi-link rear axle
2003 Electromechanical power steering
2004 Comeback of the GTI with turbocharged engine (147 kW/200 PS) 2006
GT, direct petrol injection engine with twincharging (turbocharger and compressor)
2006 Debut of the Golf Plus
2007 Introduction of CrossGolf and new Golf Estate
2007 Production milestone: 25 million Golfs since 1974
2008 Phase-out of the fifth generation after 3.4 million vehicles produced

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