• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

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Cryptocurrency Payments for Advertising

A promising North East radio station has become the first in the UK to accept Cryptocurrency payments for airtime and sponsorship.

The tech-savvy owners of Frisk Radio, which broadcasts on DAB across Tyneside, made the move to open up a broader range of payment options to potential advertisers.

Many are familiar with Bitcoin, the first and original Cryptocurrency, but Frisk also accepts payments in Ethereum and Cardano, known as “Altcoins,” in the industry.

Rather than converting from a pound sterling amount, Frisk has fixed the payment amount in the above Cryptocurrencies.

With Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies having experience a huge crash recently, this allows advertisers can lock-in a year’s worth of sponsorship and airtime at a very competitive rate.

Frisk’s technical director Stuart Landreth said he had no concerns about the value of cryptocurrencies falling further:

“Despite the recent market panic, the fundamentals behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano are stronger than ever. We’ll continue to hold the value of the sponsorship and airtime contracts in the remitted currency.

It would be a massive step forward for the industry if other players in the supply chain embraced and used Cryptocurrencies. Frisk is leading the way, and we’ll be here when they are ready!”

Payment is very simple; Once an agreement has been reached, the advertiser simply transfers the correct amount of their chosen Cryptocurrency into the stations’ wallet. Full instructions are provided, and the remittance process takes just a few minutes.

Frisk Radio can be found on the Tynemouth & South Shields SS-DAB Multiplex, online at www.friskradio.com, and through the smart speaker command “Play Frisk Radio.”