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Darlington Building Society helps scooter boys Luke and Nathan to compete in World Scooter Cup

18285Earlier this year Darlington Building Society provided sponsorship to two brothers from South Bank, Luke and Nathan Churchill, aged 19 and 15 respectively, enabling them to attend the World Scooter Championships in Barcelona.

Luke is currently ranked 15th in the world rankings and his younger brother Nathan is ranked 20th. Both performed extremely well in Barcelona finishing 15th and 20th respectively.

The brothers train at RKade in Coatham, Redcar so the Redcar Branch of Darlington Building Society was keen to provide further support for the boys bearing in mind their world ranking positions and the fact they are ambassadors for the town.

The World Scooter Cup is being held in Stroud on 13th-15th November and only the best in the world have been asked to compete which means just the top fifty riders. Fortunately on this occasion Luke and Nathan do not have to travel too far but Darlington Building Society has provided sponsorship of £200 so they will be able to attend.

Melanie Winton, Customer Service Consultant at the Society’s Redcar branch said, “When we heard about the fantastic achievements by Nathan and Luke we wanted to help them to keep following their dreams by competing at the highest level”.

She added, “They are getting well known in Redcar and are a credit to the town. Hopefully our further support will help them to rise even higher in the world rankings than they are today”.

Nathan and Luke’s father Neil said, “Luke started scootering aged 14 on the streets. When he discovered RKade in Coatham, Redcar he quickly excelled to a professional standard and has since competed at National and European level. Luke bought brought his younger brother Nathan, who was 10 years old at the time, into the sport and they now compete against each other as professionals at every major event”.

He continued, “We are most grateful to the Redcar branch of Darlington Building Society for their support throughout 2015 and hopefully Nathan and Luke can do Redcar proud once again at the World Scooter Cup”.

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